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    Searching for scholarships is a time consuming process.  The good news is that there are thousands of scholarships out there for you to help pay for college, the bad news is that there are thousands of scholarships out there for you to sort through. Start your scholarship search early!
    Use caution in paying a fee for organizations to search for scholarships for you, they are using the same resources you have available and do not guarantee that you will receive a scholarship.  Applying for a legitimate scholarship should not have any fees attached. 
    BHS Community Scholarships
    The BHS Community Scholarship list will be available in March.  To be eligible for the many scholarships available through the Blaine Community Scholarship Program, seniors must complete the online application during the stated time period and meet all qualifications for the scholarship. Once the scholarships are open, students can apply at: Blaine Community Scholarship Application
    BHS Community Scholarship information: BHS seniors are encouraged to apply for the Blaine Community Scholarship which opens in the Spring. This one application allows students to be considered for many scholarships offered by local organizations and businesses. ALL seniors going to ANY college next year are eligible.  The link to the ONLINE application is available from the BHS Counseling page (found under SUPPORT on the home page) or from the Naviance scholarship list. Stop in the BHS Counseling Office if you have questions. Students must log in to their AH Schools account to access the form. Be sure to note the application deadline! 
    Detailed scholarship information can be found in Naviance.  Log-in to your Naviance account and then select the College Tab.  Look for the Scholarship List Link.  Here you will find a section for local scholarships and a link to a national scholarship search tool.
    Another source is the Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) mncis.intocareers.org.  If you do not know the user name or password, see Ms. Nibbe in the Career Center. A list of scholarships can be found under the Education tab. 
    For additional financial aid information, visit www.fastweb.com.
    Many scholarships are offered by employers, unions, professional organizations, and membership in clubs and community groups.  Be sure to research these options.  Ask parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles . . . if they are aware of any scholarships offered through organizations they participate in.
    Print Resources
    Some students prefer to use print resources rather than search electronically.  The public library or bookstores have books that list scholarships by various categories.  Titles include Peterson's Scholarships, Grants, and Prizes, College Board's Scholarships Handbook, and the Ultimate Scholarship Book.  These titles are updated each year.
    Raise Me
    Raise.Org is a foundation set up by Bill and Melinda Gates to provide micro-scholarships to students based on academic and leadership activities they participate in Grades 9-12.  Follow this link to learn more about the program.  Raise Me Scholarship Information

    Scholarship Scams


    Additional Resources

    Scholarship Website Deadline
    www.ecampustours.com Varies
    www.gocollege.com Varies
    www.scholarships.com Varies
     College Counseling Varies
    FastWeb Varies
     Cappex Varies
     Sallie Mae Varies
    Petersons Varies
    Big Future Varies
    Unigo Varies 
    Chegg              Varies
    www.collegeguidanceconsultants.com Varies
    www.legion.org/needalift Varies