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    Searching for scholarships is a time consuming process.  The good news is that there are thousands of scholarships out there for you to help pay for college, the bad news is that there are thousands of scholarships out there for you to sort through. Start your scholarship search early!
    Use caution in paying a fee for organizations to search for scholarships for you, they are using the same resources you have available and do not guarantee that you will receive a scholarship.  Applying for a legitimate scholarship should not have any fees attached. 


    BHS Community Scholarships: BHS seniors are encouraged to apply for the Blaine Community Scholarship which opens in the Spring. This one application allows students to be considered for many scholarships offered by local organizations and businesses. ALL seniors going to ANY college next year are eligible.  The link to the ONLINE application is available from the BHS Counseling page (found under SUPPORT on the home page) or from the Naviance scholarship list. Stop in the BHS Counseling Office if you have questions. Students must log in to their AH Schools account to access the form. Be sure to note the application deadline! The application is will open in the Spring and be available for a limited time.
    Detailed scholarship information can be found in Naviance.  Log-in to your Naviance account and then select the College Tab.  Look for the Scholarship List Link.  Here you will find a section for local scholarships and a link to a national scholarship search tool.
    Another source is the Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) mncis.intocareers.org.  If you do not know the user name or password, see Ms. Nibbe in the Career Center. A list of scholarships can be found under the Education tab. 
    For additional financial aid information, visit www.fastweb.com.
     Personal Connections
    Many scholarships are offered by employers, unions, professional organizations, and membership in clubs and community groups.  Be sure to research these options.  Ask parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles . . . if they are aware of any scholarships offered through organizations they participate in.
    Print Resources
    Some students prefer to use print resources rather than search electronically.  The public library or bookstores have books that list scholarships by various categories.  Titles include Peterson's Scholarships, Grants, and Prizes, College Board's Scholarships Handbook, and the Ultimate Scholarship Book.  These titles are updated each year.  The Career Center also has print resources available for check out.
    Raise Me
    Raise.Org is a foundation set up by Bill and Melinda Gates to provide micro-scholarships to students based on academic and leadership activities they participate in Grades 9-12.  Follow this link to learn more about the program.  Raise Me Scholarship Information

    Tips for searching for scholarships

    • Parents' employers & organizations (church, etc.)
    • Daily bulletin announcements
    • Scholarships offered through your college
    • Students please check your Naviance account. Click on Colleges--Scholarships and Money--Scholarship List


    Things to remember:

    DO apply and keep applying. When it comes to paying for college, free money in the form of grants and scholarships is best since you do not have to pay it back.

    DO search for scholarships through a free scholarship search engine. You will NEVER be asked to pay to apply!

    DO carefully read the instructions. You don't want your application to be turned down if you did not fill it out correctly or did not include any requested documents.

    DO make sure you proofread your scholarship applications and/or essays. You know what they say about first impressions!

    DO check your social media accounts and make sure you do not have any inappropriate content or pictures posted.

    DON’T count out scholarships with lower award amounts. Higher award scholarships are more competitive, so pursue a variety of award amounts to increase your chance of winning! Higher award amounts also typically require more time and effort on your part--and your time is valuable! Strategize how you want to spend your time.

    DON'T wait to ask for letters of recommendation from teachers and employers. You may not be the only person asking for a recommendation.

    DON'T assume that you won't receive a scholarship if you aren't a star athlete or the head of your class. There are a number of community scholarships available to those who are involved in community service, exhibit academic excellence, ethnicity, abilities, etc.


    Last couple thoughts…

    A good starting place to look into scholarships is locally, and business you’re familiar with, or even work for! Think Coca Cola, Burger King, 3M, etc. Googling “corporate scholarships” should yield results! If you work at a fast food chain, department store, etc., sniff around to see if they offer scholarship opportunities to employees! Lastly, ask your parents if their place of employment offers scholarships to family members!  

    Most scholarships will require you to create an account in order to apply, whether it’s through a third-party website (like College Greenlight), or the parent website (i.e., applying through 3M directly). Be sure to record all usernames and passwords somewhere safe!

    *It is recommended to create an additional email account (or use one that you typically use less frequently) that will help funnel your incoming scholarship profiles/info. This will help your usual email inbox stay clutter free! 

    KEEP YOUR EYES ON DEADLINES…. make a plan!! Plot out how many hours/days each week you want to dedicate to researching and filling out apps and essays. This is your ultimate weapon to successfully obtaining scholarships!


    General Search Resources:

    Big Future-College Board https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/scholarship-search

    College Greenlight https://www.collegegreenlight.com/scholarships/-s/

    College Scholarships.org http://www.collegescholarships.org/financial-aid/

    Scholarships.com https://www.scholarships.com/scholarship-search

    Tuition Funding Scholarships https://www.tuitionfundingsources.com/

    Unigo https://www.unigo.com/

    FastWeb college scholarships https://www.fastweb.com/college-scholarships 

    Chegg scholarships is a completely free scholarship search engine used by over 4 million students nationwide https://www.chegg.com/scholarships 


    Scholarship Scams