• Grade 2 Overview

    Grade 2 students will have 34 Hours of general music instruction, which is the equivalent of about 6 Days of school time. 

    This year's major outcomes include pitch matching, steady beat, rhythmic and melodic ostinatos (repeated patterns) and understandings of rhythmic, melodic, and form elements through reading, writing, singing, improvising/creating, moving, playing, and listening.
    Rhythmically, tied quarter notes making half notes (t ), dotted half notes (DHN ),  half rests (HR ), and dotted half rests (HR .) will be understood.
    Melodically, the focus is on the tri-tone pitch sets of (la)-(sol)-(mi) and (mi)-(re)-(do) creating La-Sol-Mi-Re-Do when linked.
    2nd grade students at University Ave attend music class for 30 minutes twice during each 5 day cycle.  According to best practice and national music standards, lessons should take place in a dedicated music space for segments of no more than 30min sessions but not less than 20min sessions.