6th Grade Science Course Syllabus
    Units of Study 
    •Nature of Science
    What will we be learning?
    • This year in science, you will learn about physical science by studying matter, energy transformations, motion & forces, engineering and how to think like a scientist. We will be doing fun labs, reading, writing, and communicating to learn about science. This is a fun but challenging class, and it is very important that you work hard and ALWAYS ask questions when you do not understand something.
    What do I need to bring to class everyday?
    • Composition notebook 
    • Folder
    • Pencil 
    • Planner
    Availability of instructors for help:
    • Students may get passes to come into their science teacher’s advisory for extra help. 
    • Teachers are available before school from 7:45-8:25, and after school from 3:10-3:25. Meeting times need to be scheduled in advance with the teacher. 
    Grading Scale:
    A or A- 90%-100%
    B, B+, or B- 80%-89%
    C, C+, or C- 70%-79%
    D, D+, or D- 60%-69%
    F 59% and below
    Grading Categories:
    • 70 % Assessments
    • 20 % Class work and Homework
    • 10 % Trimester Final Test
    Homework Procedures:
    • Absences/Missing Work: All missing assignments from an absence will act as a zero until you turn them in. 
    • Retakes are at teacher discretion and must be completed before the unit assessment.  
    • For Classwork/Homework: It is an expectation that assigned work is turned in on the date it is due
    A-H Connect: Grades will be updated when the teacher enters graded assignments.

    McDougal-Littell Physical Science Textbook:

    Your teacher will issue you a textbook that you will use this year in science. You need to make sure that you do your best to keep it in good condition. It will be collected at the end of the year, and if it is lost or brought back with extreme damage you will need to pay the cost of the book or pay to have it fixed. 

    Student Expectations: 

    The following guidelines will help all of us have a successful year in science:

    • Show kindness and respect to your teacher and classmates.
    • Follow all teacher directions.
    • Always do your best work. Ask for help when you do not understand something.
    • Follow all science safety rules and procedures.

    Other Resources Available:

    • Log on to the RMS homepage ( https://www.ahschools.us/rms) to find: 
    • Staff Websites
    • AH Connect