• Service Delivery

    With specialized DAPE instruction and necessary modifications, the majority of Anoka-Hennepin students can have their needs met within the least restrictive physical education setting.  A small percentage of students require DAPE instruction within the special ed. setting rather than physical education class.  They require this setting due to intolerance of the gym environment or safety concerns to self or others.  This decision will be made on an individual basis according to the needs of the student.

    • Instruction in a Least Restricted Environment (LRE) refers to adapting or modifying the physical education curriculum and/or instruction to address the individualized abilities of each child. Adaptations are made to ensure that each student will experience safe and successful participation. Placement is outlined in the IEP and may include one or more of the following options:

    • The regular physical ed. setting with peers and indirect DAPE consultation with physical ed. teacher

    • The regular physical ed. setting with specialized DAPE instruction and/or para educator support

    • DAPE instruction within the special ed. small group setting