ANDOVER HIGH SCHOOL       2018-2019

    Math Department: Honors Geometry

     Penny Carda    Phone: 763-506-8473  E-mail: Penny.Carda@ahschools.us

    Brandon Voss   Phone: 763-506-8493 Email: Brandon.Voss@ahschools.us

    Office Hours:   7:15am to 7:35am and 2:20pm to 2:50pm


    Grades will be determined based on summative assessment of learning targets (75%), formative weekly assessments (15%), cumulative final exam (10%), and homework.  Students will have an opportunity to retake assessments on scheduled days if the homework is complete. Any missing assignments will disqualify a student from retesting and requizzing.


    The student’s overall grade is calculated based on total points earned from homework, formative assessments, summative assessments, and the final exam.

    The grading scale is:       

    93.00% - 100%  A      87.00% - 89.99%   B+     77.00% - 79.99%  C+    67.00% - 69.99%  D+  0.00% - 59.99% F

    90.00% - 92.99% A-   83.00% - 86.99%   B       73.00% - 76.99%  C       63.00% - 66.99%  D

                                     80.00% - 82.99%   B-      70.00% - 72.99%  C-      60.00% - 62.99%  D-


    Materials needed in class every day:

    Textbook    Calculator     Pencil    Graph Paper notebook (for sale in school store)    White board markers


    Calculator use is encouraged on almost all assignments, activities and assessments.   Calculators increase the student’s ability to learn mathematical concepts and procedures more efficiently than strict paper and pencil routines.  We have a limited number of calculators for use in class but students should have their own for homework purposes. If you are unable to purchase your own calculator, the library checks out calculators each trimester but there is a limited number so check with them early in the trimester.

    Summative Assessments:

    If you are absent on the day of the assessment, you are requested to make it up before or after school within 1 week.  This class is preparing students for college level courses so students should prepare for assessments and this will involve several hours of additional practice outside of the assigned homework. Assessments comprise 100% of your grade.

    Homework and Formative assessments:

    Homework will be checked regularly and must be complete to qualify to reassess on any assessment. The quality must be evident and all work shown in order to be considered. Formative assessments will be given regularly for student feedback.

    Cell Phone Policy:

    Cell phone use is not allowed in class.  

    The use of a cell phone/unauthorized electronic device during a period where an assessment is given (test, quiz, etc.) will be considered cheating regardless of the intention, resulting in a zero for the assessment and referral to the office for possible disciplinary action.

    We look forward to working with each and every one of you, students and parents included!  Every student can be successful with the curriculum with hard work and perseverance. 

    Thank You

    Honors Geometry Teachers