• Career and College Planning

    In today’s competitive world, it’s more important than ever for young people to begin making career plans while they are still in high school. Few students can afford the expense of spending a year or two in a college and then deciding it’s not a good fit, or they want to choose an entirely different major.

    Starting early and planning carefully may save many thousands of dollars in college tuition. And, it will help young people reach their career goals and begin an independent life. Fortunately, Family Connection, a web-based planning tool from Naviance, is available at no cost to all high school students and their parents/guardians in the Anoka-Hennepin School District.

    Naviance will help your child:

    ·         Research careers and career pathways.

    ·         Explore a multitude of colleges and technical schools and learn about the admission requirements for each.

    ·         Find scholarship opportunities.

    ·         Set goals.

    ·         Navigate and explore career options and aptitude tests.

    You can use Family Connection to:

    ·         Review the Colleges I’m Thinking About list and discuss these with your child.

    ·         Use scholarship resources to research scholarships for your child.

    ·         Review your child’s application status for each college to which he or she is applying.

    ·         Research career options and discuss them with your child.

    ·         Use the information in Family Connection to start conversations about such things as the grades necessary.

    Family Connection makes it easy for parents and guardians to help

    While it may seem that your child never listens to you, our research with our students tells us they do listen to their parents’ advice when it comes to making decisions about such things as which courses to take and which colleges to consider.

    Call your child’s counselor or the Career and College Specialist with any questions regarding Naviance and to get access to your account.

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    Tara Koschak (H-N) 763-506-8426

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