• University ACES are committed to these value added standards:

    We learn through inquiry
    • Formulate questions that guide the inquiry process
    • Use science notebooks as a data collection and personal reference tool 
    • Use various tools to observe, record, analyze and report results.
    • Engage in common experiences in the science lab, computer lab, outdoor spaces, and community
    • Draw conclusions based on evidence from investigations

    We collaborate to develop logical arguments, compare ideas, and draw conclusions
    • Participate in various collaborative groups in all content areas
    • Work directly with experts in the community and beyond

    We use technology in multiple ways to support and share our learning
    • Use computer coding to create or express ideas
    • Use technology as a tool to solve problems
    • Navigate web-based resources to investigate topics
    • Create multimedia presentations using current technological tools

    We recognize, embrace, and respect others ideas, backgrounds, and experiences
    • We treat everyone as a hard working human being
    • We value each other’s ideas and contributions
    • We believe that everyone should be treated with dignity at all times
    • We believe that all are responsible to create a warm, welcoming, and positive learning environment