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    Recorder instruction starts in fourth grade around November and continues through the end of fifth grade. The students are introduced to the note names, values, fingerings, and learn to play various songs.

    For an interactive fingering chart, click here: Interactive Fingering Chart 

    They are challenged to earn "Karate Belts" as they progress through various levels of learning. These "belts" represent many songs that are learned along the way. The students display their progress by placing the "belts" on their recorder. Once they have a belt, they can tutor other students.  
    You can encourage your child to play his or her recorder by:
    • reminding your child to use a soft, pleasant sound.
    • reminding your child to play with left hand on top.
    • asking your child to bring his or her recorder home and play a song from class for you.
    • listening to your child play a song and commenting on its "FLUENCY" (playing it without stopping). 

    We use Yamaha Recorders in the music room. Please know that recorders purchased at stores like Target Walmart, etc. are considered toys and do not produce the good tone that comes with owning a REAL instrument.   

    An order form will come home in the fall. Cost is usually $5.50-6.00/recorder.

    This year, we are using Recorder Karate, a "highly motivational method for young players.". Song files will be uploaded so students can practice with recordings!
    Thank you to PTO for purchasing Recorder Karate belts so students can show off their talents! 

    Fingering Charts    
     Belt   Listen  Download
    White  Hot Cross Buns

    Looking for more songs to play? Check out this website:
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