• Fourth and fifth grade students will have the experience of playing a recorder in their music classes. A recorder is an authentic flute-like instrument dating back to the Renaissance Era. We will be learning to play the recorder as an extension of music reading, and ensemble techniques; as well as use them to accompany our own singing and playing.   Your child will also gain the experience of playing a wind instrument.  Fifth grade students begin recorders almost immediately after school begins.  Fourth grade students order their recorders in September and start learning in November.  Recorders must be brought to each music class or their participation grade will go down.  The recorder will also be used in beginning sixth grade courses, so please keep your instrument!

    To help your child practice at home:

    * help them write the note letter names

    * make sure their left hand is on top

    * make sure they are not squeaking by blowing a small amount of air 

    * make sure they are fully covering the holes so no air escapes



    Beginning Songs


    Your child will also have the option of competing in an optional program called Recorder Karate.  Recorder Karate is a series of song tests that get progressively more difficult.  To pass the test, they must play the song correctly without stopping and with no mistakes.  When they pass a test, they get a colored belt to add to their recorder.  The more belts they have, the better they are!

    Ms. Michaelson is going to try Recorder Karate testing on the SeeSaw app this year!  Students can record themselves playing their belt test and send it in for grading.  They can also come in and play their test in person at the times alloted for Recorder Karate on Ms. Michaelson's schedule.