• Continuing Education (CEUs) and Relicensure

    For information regarding clock hours for continuing education and relicensure, please go to the "Continuing Education and Relicensure Committee page" at www.ahschools.us/continuingeducation .
    The Continuing Education and Relicensure Committee page will provide you with committee guidelines, login information for LearningManagementSystem (LMS), meeting dates of the committee, clock hour rules, examples, a list of the state-mandated requirements, the clock hour group sign-in form (for district in-services), and links for continuing education document downloads, frequently asked questions, and teacher professional development.

    Licensing – beginning January 1, 2018

    PELSB – (Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board)

    Beginning January 1, 2018, the responsibilities currently being carried out by the Board of Teaching and the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), Educator Licensing Division, will be consolidated under PELSB.

    PELSB will:
    (1) develop the teacher’s code of ethics; (2) adopt rules for public school teacher licenses and teacher preparation programs; (3) approve teacher preparation programs; (4) issue or deny teacher license applications; (5) suspend or revoke licenses based on qualifying grounds; and, (6) verify district and charter school licensure compliance.

    Phone number: 
    The new PELSB phone number is: 651-539-4200.

    Website: All licensing information, including educator lookup, will be transferred to the new PELSB website – http://mn.gov/pelsb.

     PELSB will remain at 1500 Highway 36 West in Roseville, Minnesota.

    License expiration dates – beginning January 1, 2018: 
    All active standard five-year license expiration dates will be extended by one year.

    Renew My License
    – https://mn.gov/pelsb/current-educators/renew/

    New licensing system
    – beginning July 1, 2018All new teacher licensing applications will follow the new tiered system and a new online licensing system will be launched. All teacher licenses with an expiration of June 30, 2019, will begin renewing under the new tiered system starting January 1, 2019.

    Go to –
    https://mn.gov/pelsb/ for information regarding:

    • Tiers and License types
    • Apply for an initial license
    • Applicants Trained out-of-state
    • Licensure via portfolio
    • License Status Changes for New Applications
    • Online Licensing System
    • Teacher Licensure Timeline
    • License Lookup
    • Related Services