• Frequently asked questions

    Computer access

    What if I don’t have access to a computer?
    The Anoka-Hennepin Educational Service Center has computers available in the lobby with access to the online application. Public libraries also have computers with internet access.

    I really don’t like to use the computer. Can I fill out a paper application?
    Paper applications are no longer available. To apply for employment with the district, you must use the online application system. The system is very user-friendly and will take you step-by-step through each page. Feel free to call our Help Desk (763-506-1100) during regular business hours for assistance.

    Can I access my application from any computer?
    The application is available through the Anoka-Hennepin School District website: www.ahschools.us and is accessible through any internet-enabled computer.


    Is my personal information secure?
    Yes. A combination of system software features and application programs are used to ensure only authorized individuals can gain access to data contained in the system.

    Who has access to my personal information?
    Designated Employee Services Department staff members will have access to all information contained on applications. Hiring administrators will have viewing rights to applications from individuals who have applied for their job postings.

    How long is information retained?
    We are required to keep application materials one year from date of submission. An applicant may save each application section as it is completed. Should the applicant decide to stop without finishing the application, all information will be preserved so the applicant can return and complete the application at a later time. Incomplete applicant entries will be retained in the system for approximately one month before being deleted entirely.

    How to apply

    I am a current employee, how do I apply for jobs?
    Follow the steps listed on the "how to apply" page for creating an application or logging back into your existing application.

    I am a first time user, how do I apply for positions? How do I apply for jobs?
    Follow the steps listed on the "how to apply" page for creating an application or logging back into your existing application and applying for jobs.

    I forgot my password and/or username, how do I sign on?

    Follow the steps listed on the "how to apply" page for finding the "forgot my username or password?" link. If after using the instructions for retrieving your username and password, you still have not been able to log back into your application, please call our help desk (763-506-1100) during regular business hours for assistance. Please do not create a new application if you do not remember your password/username.

    My email address has changed and I forgot my password and/or username, how do I sign on?
    You will need to contact the Help Desk (763-506-1100) during regular business hours for assistance.

    How can I save my application and come back to it later?
    Our system allows you to save a partially finished application by clicking on the "save" button at the bottom of each page of the application.

    What if I need to change or update my application?
    Changes and updates are easy to make and can be done at any time. Log back into your application, click on the "application" tab, and update and/or change information as needed. Please do not create a new application.

    How do I apply for an open position once my application has been submitted?
    Once your application has been submitted online, all you need to do is log back in, click on the "jobs" tab and scroll to find the job posting, click on the "view/apply" link for the job. Tip: Before logging out, make sure your application pages are up-to-date.

    If I want to apply for more than one job, do I have to fill out a new application every time?
    Apply for as many jobs as you like with just one application. View, update and edit your application as many times as you wish. Exit your application and return to finish it at your convenience.

    What if I want to apply for teacher jobs and non-teacher jobs?
    You can apply for all job types with just one application.

    What is the process for becoming a substitute employee for Anoka-Hennepin Schools?
    Please refer to the substitute employment information page for information.

    Job postings

    How can I view a list of job openings?
    Follow the steps listed on the "how to apply" page to find the link for viewing current job postings.

    How often are new jobs posted?
    Job are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During the months of June through August, jobs are posted every business day.

    I heard there is a job available but I couldn't find it in the job search.
    If you are not able to find a job in the job search, it may be the position has not yet been posted, or has been posted and has already closed, or will not be posted. Applicants will only find current job postings. If the application deadline for the position has passed, the job posting will no longer be available.

    I did a job search but did not find the right job. Should I submit my application anyway?

    You can submit an online application without applying for a specific job. Once your online application has been created, you can go back into the system at any time to search and apply for jobs. Your application will not be considered unless you apply for specific job postings. Our current process is to post job vacancies as the need to hire arises. You will need to apply online for the specific job posting to be considered for that job.

    When do job postings close?
    This varies depending on the type of job. Please refer to the posting for the specific deadline.

    Is there any grace time considered if you miss the posting deadline?
    No, your application must be complete, and you must have applied for the actual job posting online by the posted deadline.

    If I have questions regarding a specific posting, who should I contact?
    Please refer to the specific job posting for contact information. If there is no contact information or you have further questions, please call our help desk (763-506-1100) during regular business hours for assistance.


    I don't have a resume, can I still apply?
    Yes, you may still apply. A resume is not required unless otherwise states in the job posting.

    Can I still send or fax a resume to the district?
    All resumes can be uploaded on the designated "resume" page of your online application. Resumes must be in Microsoft Word format. If you are unable to upload your resume, please call our help desk (763-506-1100) during regular business hours for assistance.

    What if I want to submit letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc.
    You may attach letters of recommendation, cover letters, and transcripts onto your online application.

    If I upload a resume, do I still need to fill out the remainder of the online application?
    Yes, it will be necessary to complete all required fields of the online application before your application will be considered. Our online application is designed to contain all the information that would typically be included on a standard resume.


    If I have problems/questions about the application process, who do I call?
    Please call the Employee Services Department help desk (763-506-1100) between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.