• Transportation legislative changes for 2017-18

    As school begins and school buses are back on the road, please be aware two new state laws that went into effect on Aug. 1, 2017.


    School bus stop arm
    The penalty for anyone running a school bus stop arm has increased from $300 - $500. When the bus is stopped and the stop arm is extended that means students are either getting on or off the bus.  Please be aware and stop for the school bus. We need your help in keeping our students safe.

    Trespassing on school buses
    There is a new trespassing on school buses law that is now in effect. Minnesota Statute 609.605, Sub. 4 C, “Trespass on school, A person who boards a school bus when the bus is on its route or otherwise in operation, or while it has pupils on it, and who refuses to leave the bus on demand of the bus operator, is guilty of a misdemeanor.” Please be aware that the driver is in charge of the bus. If they ask you to get off - please follow their directions. If you do not is considered a misdemeanor.  

    It is the bus driver’s responsibility to keep everyone safe, including you. When drivers are operating the school bus, they have specific safety processes they must perform to keep everyone safe. If you board the bus or try to have a conversation with the driver, it distracts them from observing traffic, 7 mirrors and students inside and outside the vehicle.

    If you have concerns about a student, please contact the school.

    If you have a driver concern, please contact the bus company.

    • First Student Anoka 763-421-3199.
    • First Student Champlin 763-421-5785.
    • Kottke’s Bus Service 763-755-3100.

    If you are not sure who to contact, please call the transportation department at 763 506-1125.