• Who is able to access the FirstView bus app?

    Parents/guardians of district students that reside within Anoka-Hennepin boundaries (that ride regular school bus routes) will be able to download and access the FirstView bus app. At this time, students are not able to access the FirstView app. Parents/guardians can set-up notifications through the app to send to three email addresses (daycare providers, grandparents, students, etc.).

    What is not considered a regular bus route?

    Students that do not live within the Anoka-Hennepin School District boundaries: for example, students that are part of the Northwest Suburban Integration School District (NWSISD) and do not live within the Anoka-Hennepin boundaries are not on a regular bus route. Read more on bus routes and boundaries information. Activity busses, preschool busses, non-public schools that do not have Anoka-Hennepin student id's, and district students that take other means of transportation to and from school (cabs, taxis, transportation through daycare provider), are not considered regular bus routes.

    What if the app indicates an estimated time of arrival (ETA), and my student misses the bus?

    According to the Anoka-Hennepin Student Transportation Policy, students should be at their bus stop at least five minutes prior to their regular bus routes scheuduled time. The FirstView bus app is an addtitional tool and resource to enhance communication with parents/guardians regarding their student's regular bus routes arrival and any additional transportation messages from the district.

    How do I access the FirstView app?

    Simply download FirstView from your device’s app store. On-screen directions walk first time users through the easy setup process. Choose Minnesota and then Anoka-Hennepin from the dropdown menus. After doing so, the app will direct you to A-HConnect. Log in with your parent/guardian username and password (if you’ve forgotten your parent/guardian username or password, please call 763-506-HELP), the app will then automatically populate your student’s information.

    I have a technical question about how to use the FirstView app - who do I contact?

    For technical assistance, click on the help menu within the FirstView app. Within the help menu is the option to contact support for assitance. There is also an option to provide feedback directly to Firstview through the F.A.Q. option under the help menu (exclamation point icon found on every section within the app).

    I have a question related to my student(s) regular bus route - who do I contact?

    Any questions regarding your student(s) regular bus route should be directed to the transportation department at 763-506-1125. Their office hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Additional FAQs about transportation are available on the district website.