•  9th gr. Physical Science Trimester B Syllabus

    Instructor:  Ms. Hauge—(763) 506-6387                e-Mailamy.hauge@ahschools.us    

    Website: http://www.anoka.k12.mn.us/ahsamyhauge  

    There are links from this website to resources for Tri B.  We will also have a google classroom page.


    About 9th gr. Science:  9th Grade Science includes the study of chemistry, physics, and some earth science topics.  Here is a list of the topics we will be learning about during this trimester:

    Trimester B

          Unit 1:  Matter—Atoms, Periodic Table (Ch.4)

          Unit 2:  Nuclear Chemistry—Radioactivity and Isotopes (Ch. 9)

          Unit 3:  Electricity—Ohm’s Law (Ch. 16), Production of Electricity (Ch. 23)

          Unit 4:  The Universe—Sound & EMS (Ch. 15), Nebular Hypothesis (Ch. 20)


    Expectations of Students


    Materials You Need:

    • A 3-Ring binder with dividers (2) and notebook for 9th science only
    • Writing stuff (pen/pencil)
    • Calculator (very useful most every day)—no cell phones as calculators



    • 9th Science is taught in a hands-on way—lots of activities and experiments.  These are the behaviors that help you be successful:
      • Be respectful
      • Participate
      • Be prompt & prepared
      • Do your own work—cheating is worth no credit.
      • Ask before handling demo or lab materials.
      • No candy/gum or food or beverages---No jackets. No cell phones.  No backpacks.
    • Safety: Follow all guidelines in the safety handout given separately.
    • Consequences: If you decide to take actions other than those described above, you may be required to stay after class or after school or given a referral for detention. 


    Learning Target Practice work / Proof of Participation20% of your grade is based on attendance, behavior, responsibility (doing practice work), group interactions, etc.   Class work, group work, and homework done on time and responsibly will be stamped and turned in later as proof of your positive participation.  Some items may be collected individually.

    Absences, make-up, and interventions: 

    • Check with me & pick up what you missed and make it up within 2 days. You can check the website/google classroom page for items as well.
    • Turn in/stamp homework due the day of absence.
    • Make-up/help time with me will be Tues. & Thur. after school, during advisement travel time (sign-up), or by other arrangements. The “Lighthouse” tutoring program is also available afterschool on designated days.


    Tardies:  School policy states that on your 3rd tardy we call home and on the 4th and subsequent tardies you have afterschool detention.  So, be on time!


    Practice work:

    • Practice work is due on time and will be stamped to show you completed the assignment on time.
      • A partial stamp or üwill be given to a late assignment and that means you need to work on better habits.
    • Assignments will be checked and corrected daily, but they will be collected in “sets”. One practice set is worth a lot of points, so it needs to be on time or you be overwhelmed. 


    Grading:  Grades will be updated and posted to A-H Connect within 4 days of receiving the assignment or taking a test.

    • Tests/Quizzes: 70% Homework and participation: 20%     Final Exam:10%
    • Quizzes will be announced. A test will follow each unit. Each unit will have at least 1 “mastery quiz” to show that you are learning.  You will need to achieve 70% or better on the mastery quiz.  If you do not receive 70% or better on the quiz, you will retake it until you do.  Retests are available—you will need to meet with me outside of class and do extra practice before a retest will be granted.  The retest needs to be done within a week of the original test.
    • There will be a final at the end of each term.
    • Grading scale: 93-100% =A 73-76%= C

          90-92%= A-                70-72%= C-

          87-89% =B+               67-69%= D+

          83-86%= B                 63-66%= D

          80-82%= B-                60-62%= D-

          77-79%= C+               Less than 60% is failing


    Passes out of class:  You will be given 4 “hall passes” each term.  Use them wisely.


    Final Comment: I’m looking forward to a great trimester of learning with you—here’s something to remember:


    --If you think you can, or think you can’t, either way you’re right.

                                                    So, think you can!


                                 Sincerely, Ms. Hauge