• This is the  daily schedule for 2 GR 2019-2020. 

     Day 1

    8:35- First bell rings and students enter building, do morning routines, and begin working on morning work.

    8:50- Second bell rings-any student coming in the room after this time is considered tardy

    8:55-9:55-Core and Gym

    9:55-12:25- ELA

    12:25-12:50- Lunch

     12:50-1:15- ELA

     1:15- 1:45- Recess

    1:45-2:00-Math small group

     2:00- Math

     3:20- Dismissal


    Day 2 follows the same schedule except Art is the special. P.M. schedule the same as above. 

    Day 3 - Music at 9:25 and Media at 9:55- ELA is scheduled around specials through the morning. P.M. schedule the same as above. 

    Day 4-10:55-Explorations with ElA scheduled around specials. P.M. schedule the same as above. 

    Day 5-9:55-Gym and Music 11:25  with ELA scheduled around specials. P.M. schedule the same as above.