Trimester one:


    Unit 1, Week 1-  Friday, Sept. 13th

    Unit 1, Week 2-  Monday, Sept. 23th

    Unit 1, Week 3-  Wednesday, Oct. 2nd

    final e: date, lake, skate, plane, grade, fine, life, rice, wise, smile, rose, globe, smoke, come, used, step, rock, luck, sneeze, stripe

    Unit 1, Week 4- Tuesday, Oct. 10th

    Long a: plain, braid, fail, grain, snail, paint, sway, tray, gray, stay, state, fake, same, weigh, they, fine, skate, globe, sleigh, afraid

    Unit 1, Week 5- Tuesday, Oct. 22nd

    Long o: coast, float, toad, coal, soak, gold, sold, scold, slope, broke, note, bone, slow, show, foe, snail, smae, weigh, bowl, program

    Unit 1, Week 6- Wednesday, Oct. 23rd No spelling test this week.  We will take a unit assessment.

    Unit 2, Week 1- Wednesday, Nov. 6th

    Long i and Long u: sky, fry, pie, tied, tight, right, bright, grind, child, cube, cute, mule, music, drew, few, coast, scold, bone, mighty, Utah

    Unit 2, Week 2- Thursday, Nov. 14th

    Long e: heel, week, creek, free, green, street, freeze, seal, weak, bean, speaks, team, clean, crea, field, tight, tied, cute, sixteen, peanut

    Unit 2, Week 3- Monday, Nov. 25th

    Words with silent letters: wrap, wrists, wrote, wreck, wring, write, wreath, knit, knife, knight, knock, knee, gnome, sign, gnaws, heel, weak, field, wristwatch, knapsack 



    Trimester two:


    Unit 2, Week 4- Tuesday, Dec. 10th

    Three- Letter Blends: scrubs, screams, scratch, scrape, screen, spread, splash, spray, streak, strength, strong, squeak, three, throw, thread, wrote, knige, sign, streamer, scribble

    Unit 2, Week 5- Tuesday Dec. 17th

    Diagraphs: chick, much, pitch, teacher, lunch, hatch, cheese, stretch, thick, truth, pathway, them, fish, whales, what, spray, streak, thread, sandwich, weather

    Unit 2, Week 6- December 18thNo spelling test this week.  We will take a unit assessment.

    Unit 3, Week 1- Friday, Jan. 10th

    R-controlled vowels (ur sound): whirl, third, girls, firm, fern, herds, stern, serve, hurt, nurse, turns, learn, pearl, word, world, stretch, thick, whales, perfect, Thursday

    Unit 3, Week 2- Tuesday, Jan 21st

    R-controlled vowels (ar, and or sounds): sharp, yard, artist, carve, porch, storm, sport, story, chore, shore, sore, hoard, oars, pour, your, learn, word, turns, orchard, ignore

    Unit 3, Week 3- Wednesday, Jan 29th

    R-controlled vowels (ar and ir sounds): careful, stared, shared, pair, stairs, wear, bear, where, there, dear, rear, gear, here, career, peer, shore, carve, storm, square, clearly

    Unit 3, Week 4- Thursday, Feb. 6th

    Prefixes pre-, dis-, mis-: misprint, misread, mistrust, misspell, mistear, precut, preview, prepaid, preheat, distrust, discount, dishonest, discover, disable, stairs, rear, where, prejude, disconnect

    Unit 3, Week 5- Friday, Feb. 14th

    Diphthongs: foil, coins, noise, point, enjoy, joyful, down, owl, crowd, plow, round, couch, proud, bounce, loudly, misprint, prepaid, discount, choice, snowplow

    Unit 3, Week 6- Wednesday February 19th - No spelling test this week.  We will take a unit assessment.

    Unit 4, Week 1- Wednesday, Mar. 4th 

    Variant vowels: spoon, goose, booth, gloom, rude, tube, due, clues, true, chew, July, look, shook, notebook, could, coins, joyful, round, classroom, childhood

    Unit 4, Week 2- Wednesday, Mar. 11th

    Plural words: years, twins, trays, states, ashes, foxes, inches, flies, cities, ponies, bunches, alleys, lunches, cherries, daisies, spoon, clues, shook, heroes, libraries 



    Trimester three:


    Unit 4, Week 3- Friday, March 27th

    Variant vowels: taught, hauls, caused, paused, squawk, drawing, crawl, flawless, lawn, salt, talked, halls water, brough, thoughtless, inches, cities, cherries, walrus, autumn

    Unit 4, Week 4- Monday, Apr. 6th

    Homophones: sale, sail, beet, beat, rode, road, rowed, its, it's, your, you're, their, they're, peace, piece, taught, talked, bought, seen, scene

    Unit 4, Week 5- Wednesday, Apr. 15th

    Soft c and g: pounce, placed, dice, cents, price, space, mice, office, wage, age, gyms, giant, changes, message, pages, your, road, peace, giraffe, peaceful

    Unit 4, Week 6- April 16th - No spelling test this week.  We will take a unit assessment.

    Unit 5, Week 1- Wednesday, Apr. 29th

    Compound words: airplane, daytime, birthday daylight, hairdo, somebody, birdhouse, barefoot, headlight, sometime, someone, newspaper, sidwalks, basketball, stagecoach, placed, office, giant, handwiritng, windshield

    Unit 5, Week 2- Thursday, May 7th

    Inflectional Endings -ed, -ing, -s: names, named, naming, hopes, hoped, hoping, dances, dancing, drops, dropped, dropping, warps, wrapped, wrapping, basketball, airplane, birthday, driving, traded

    Unit 5, Week 3- Friday, May 15th

    Closed syllables vc/cv: basket, rabbit, lesson, letter, invite, bedtime, mammal, number, fellow, chapter, follow, problem, chicken, butter, napkin, hoping, dances, dropped, suppose, stubbor

    Unit 5, Week 4- Tuesday, May 26th

    Inflectional Endings y to i: tries, tried, trying, dries, drying, hurries, hurrying, studies, studied, studying, plays, playing, chapter, bedtime, letter, obeyed, worrying

    Unit 5, Week 5- Wednesday, June 3rd

    Open Syllables CVC: pilot, diner, tiger, favor, lemon, planet, cover, shady, robot, tiny, label, cozy, silent, spider, forzen, tried, hurried, studying, melon, stomach

    Unit 5, Week 6- June 4th - No spelling test this week.  We will take a unit assessment.