• Rainy days can be fun days too!

    It’s that time of year when we have a lot of rain in our forecast. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new ideas to keep little ones busy, so our parent educators are sharing some fun ways to keep kids busy on rainy days. Or you really could use these ideas any time you need something different to keep kids busy!


    • Make a Pom Pom Shooter - Cut the bottom third off two plastic cups stacked together. Knot the end of a balloon and cut about ½” from the other end. Now stretch the balloon over the top lip of the cups. That’s it! Put a pom pom in the cups on the knotted center, then aim the cup away from you and pull back on the outer knot and launch away!
    • Have a tea party!
    • Create an indoor obstacle course.
    • Practice drawing letters or shapes with shaving cream in a plastic zipper bag.
    • Fill the sink or a large bowl with warm, soapy water and let your child ‘wash dishes’, bathe baby dolls, or create a car wash for all the little cars they have.
    • Cook or bake something together.
    • Sticker sort – match up sticker colors to colors of construction paper. Perfect for simple dot stickers.
    • Make a tent with a blanket – indoor camping; don’t forget a flashlight.
    • Have an indoor beach party.
    • Six lines of tape - what can be done with lines of tape? Put six lines of tape on your floor spaced about 18” apart. Now it’s time for fun. Jump over the lines – first forward, then backward. Jump with one foot (it might help to hold a hand of little ones if you try this). How far can you stretch? With one foot on a line stretch your other foot out. How far can you reach – stand on the first line then bend over and touch the next line – walk forward with your hands seeing how far you can reach. How long are you?
    • Try your balance on a pillow path.
    • Draw a picture or write a letter and put it in the mail to a special someone.
    • Build with plastic cups.
    • Freeze dance – put on some fun tunes and dance away. When the music stops, you freeze!
    • Make New Crayons - Take old crayons and peel off the paper. Then you break them into pieces and place them in a silicone mold or muffin tin. Lastly, bake them in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 250 degrees and then let them cool. 
    • Finger paint with pudding.


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    Rainy day fun with preschool children