• Naviance Colleges I'm Applying To & Transcript Request Video Tutorial

    by Length: 4:12

    Please view the following video that explains how to enter the college(s) you applied to in Naviance and request an initial college transcript.

    If you applied using the Common Application, you will first need to match your common app with Naviance and waive your FERPA rights.  Follow the instructions in this video to learn how to match the two.  You will not be able to continue with the transcript request until your apps are matched.

    NOTE:  If you are not able to key the name of your college in the search box in the Colleges I'm Applying To window--there is a work around.  Go to Colleges/Colleges I'm Thinking About/Add Colleges to the List.  Find your school and add it to the list, then place a checkmark in the box in front of the college and select the Move to Application List button at the top of the page.  The selected college will now be added to your list of colleges you are applying to.


    The transcript request process is a 2-step process

    1.  Make the request in Naviance

    2. Complete the Transcript Request Form (available in the Career Center or Counseling Office) and turn in form and $3/school transcript fee to Ms. Edwards in the Counseling Office.


    Transcripts are not sent until the signed paper Transcript Request form is turned in.



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  • Requesting Letters of Recommendation

    by Length: 5:14

    Watch this video to learn how to request a letter of recommendation from a teacher.


    Remember, not all colleges require a letter of recommendation. 

    Before making the request, be sure you know the following information:

    A. Is a letter of recommendation required?

    B. If so, how many letters of recommendation are required?

    C. Are there any specific criteria as to who writes the letter?  (ex. core subject area teacher, math teacher . . .)

    D. What is the deadline you need the letter by?

    E. Is a letter of recommendation optional?  If so, will requesting one provide additional support to your application?


    Blue Bio Sheet
    Once you have decided who you would like to ask to write your letter, you will want to complete the blue Letter of Recommendation Bio Sheet.  This form is available in the Career Center or Counseling Office.  

    The Bio Sheet is used to provide teachers with the information needed to write a strong letter of recommendation.  Since this is a generic forms, if there is additional information you want the author to know about you, feel free to type up additional information and staple it to the blue Bio Sheet.  The more information the better.


    Be sure to monitor the status of your letter of recommendation request in Naviance.  It is YOUR responsibility to ensure all materials for you application are received by the college. 





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  • Scholarship Search

    by Length: 3:55

    Searching for scholarships and finding ones you are eligible for will probably take you longer than the actual scholarship application!  

    There are thousands of scholarships out there and numerous search sites available.

    This video will introduce you to a few scholarship resources.

    If a scholarship you are applying for requires an official HS transcript, be sure to watch the Transcript Request for Athletics and Scholarship video.






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  • Requesting a Transcript for Something Other Than College

    by Length: 2:32

    The transcript request process for sources other than a college request are slightly different.  Examples when you may need to use this process include military, apprenticeships, scholarships or NCAA/NAIA athletic requests.

    View the video to learn what you need to do.

    Don't forget to complete the paper copy of the Transcript Request form available in the Career Center or Counseling Office.

    When turning in your Transcript Request form, bring $3/organization transcript fee.  In some situations the fee is required--and in others it is not.

    A request made in Naviance that is not followed up with a signed paper request copy cannot be sent.

    Completed Transcript Request forms can be returned to Ms. Edwards in the Counseling Office.

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