• I am very excited to welcome our brand new kindergartners to the music room!  I see each Kindergarten class for 30 minutes per week.  This once-a-week schedule will serve as a great primer and foundation for kindergarten music learning and will prepare them to have music twice a week starting in first grade.  We will be learning about various musical concepts through a wide variety of folk songs, song games, and exploration with our voices and pitched and un-pitched percussion instruments.  Below are the concepts that we will be working on throughout the year:
    Kindergarten Music Curriculum Concepts:
    -Keeping the steady beat:  we will do this in a variety of ways, including patting, marching, walking, other movement, and through exploration with various percussion instruments
    -Musical Comparatives: these include concepts like louder/softer, faster/slower, and higher/lower.  We will explore these concepts through a variety of songs and games and will learn to apply them in a musical context. 
    -Singing Voice: we will work diligently at getting all kindergarten students to consistently sing in their higher ¨kid¨ singing voice, rather than the more adult, pop-star sounding ¨chest¨ voice.  Singing in this high ¨head¨ voice produces a better and much healthier sound for children.  Singing with age-appropriate technique will set the kindergarteners up for continued musical success and lifelong vocal health.
     What Can Parents Do to Help?
    -Ask your student to sing songs and say poems for you that they are studying in class
    -Ask your student to teach you any of the songs they are learning in class
    -Listen to music together and see if you can pat a steady beat
    -Dance to music together!  Dance helps students to become aware of the body's relationship with music and rhythm
    -If you have musical instruments at home, show them to your student and explain how they work
    -Sing together!  Always encourage your student to sing in his/her "floaty" voice and not his/her "shouty" voice
    -Enjoy musical experiences with your child!  Music is all around us and there are many opportunities to explore and learn.  Sing, go to concerts, watch performers on TV, sing along to the radio in the car, teach them an instrument you know, teach them songs you knew as a kid, watch music videos on YouTube...the possibilities are endless!