• First graders come to music twice a week for 30 minutes each class (or in some cases, once a week for an hour).  We focus on building a large musical repertoire and learn some of the basics of rhythm and melody as a foundation to the music learning we will do for the next four years.  
    First Grade Musical Concepts
    Steady Beat- students will learn about the steady beat, how it works, and how to apply it to all repertoire.  We will do this through movement, singing and playing instruments.
    Matching pitch- students will learn how to use their singing voices to match pitch exactly as opposed to approximating pitch. 
    Quarter notes/eighth notes/quarter rest- first graders will learn about the three most basic rhythms in music notation.  We will discover them in our repertoire, play with them in a variety of ways, and compose with them ourselves.
    Sol/Mi- melodically, first graders will learn about two pitches, "Sol" (fifth of the major scale) and "Mi" (3rd of the major scale).  We will work extensively with these two pitches and practice the minor third interval between them.  Students will do this through singing, playing, reading, and writing.   
    What can parents do to help?
    -Listen to a wide variety of music with your child and talk to them about it.
    -Ask your child about the music they are learning in music class.  Have them teach it to you!
    -Listen to your child perform his/her compositions when they are sent home.  Sign them and send back to school with your child.
    -Enjoy musical experiences with your child!  Music is all around us and there are many opportunities to explore and learn.  Sing, go to concerts, watch performers on TV, sing along to the radio in the car, teach them an instrument you know, teach them songs you knew as a kid, watch music videos on YouTube...the possibilities are endless!
    First Grade Assignments: