• Safety

    Adventures Plus strives to support families by being supportive and responsive to changing community and family needs by providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere for families and their children. Procedures are followed at each site to ensure the safety of your child when in our care.

    Authorized pick-up of children

    Upon registration, the parent/guardian will be asked to list the names of people authorized to pick-up their child. These people must be 16 years of age or older. They will also be asked to show identification when signing your child out and must be on the authorized pick-up list in order for your child to be released to them.  Account owners may add to or revise their authorized pick-up lists at any time by logging on to their Adventures Plus account and making desired changes.
    Children must be escorted into and out of the care site and signed in and out by an authorized adult or sibling 16 years of age or older. Children cannot be dropped off or picked up at the door.



    All Adventures Plus families will use a fob (a small, round device which can clip to your key ring) to gain access to the school building during Adventures Plus program hours before- and after-school.  Fobs will work only at the designated security entrances of the school site, which are noted at each school. During school hours, all families must enter through the main door of the school.

    Recording and reporting incidents

    In the event of a medical emergency, staff will take the necessary steps in obtaining care for your child. Staff will administer first-aid as deemed appropriate and the parent/guardian will be informed of the accident and first-aid care applied. If appropriate, the parent/guardian will be asked to pick-up the child from the program.

    If severe medical emergency care is needed by a physician or paramedic, staff will contact 911 immediately and the parent/guardian will be contacted immediately after the 911 call is made. If a parent/guardian cannot be reached, staff will attempt to contact a person listed on the child's emergency contact information. In the event that a child need further medical attention, they will be transported to a medical facility. Adventures Plus reserves the right, with assistance of paramedics, to determine if the child will be transported by emergency vehicle.

    Data privacy

    Adventures Plus complies with state and federal data privacy laws. Information gathered from registration and medical forms is shared with Adventures Plus staff. Information regarding families who are funded by Anoka or Hennepin counties is shared with the county community services department.

    Weapons policy

    In accordance with school district policy, Adventures Plus will not tolerate weapons or toy weapons on school property. A student in possession of a weapon or toy weapon may be subject to suspension or termination.

    Child abuse and neglect

    Under Minnesota state law, Adventures Plus staff are considered mandated reporters and are required to report suspected physical, emotional or sexual abuse or neglect of children to county child protection or the local police.
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