• Week 6:

    Good afternoon Cross Country family,
    It’s the week of the Milaca Mega Meet! If you haven’t been to Milaca before, you need to know that this meet is huge. As in over 100 teams and 1000s of athletes. 
    We have a meal plan in the works for Milaca. Please sign up for something to contribute if you haven’t already done so. 
    One important thing to know is that Milaca has t-shirts for sale, and they are pretty popular. They have lots of styles and colors and the costs vary depending on what you choose. I don’t have a list of prices. 
    Meet Website (Please check out parking information and time schedule!!!!!):
    7 runners will run varsity for boys and girls. All JV runners who are in 9th or 10th grade will run in grade level races in the morning! This is great for them, because the JV races are huge and it’s nice to put some of our kids in less crowded races. Here is our lineup:
    There are tabs for varsity, JV and grade races on this spreadsheet. We usually combine 9th and 10th grade girls due to small numbers in those groups.  Please tell me if you are missing from the list-there are a lot of you to keep track of when separating by grades etc.
    There is a carbo load at Jordyn Lang’s house on Friday! She is looking for volunteers to bring desserts. Several kids (I think 6-7) volunteered at practice last week-please let us know if you plan to provide a dessert! 
    We leave at 7:40am on Saturday and are usually home by about 4pm. We will have a trailer for this meet due to the added bulk of food we are bringing for the day. Athletes will need to help haul their contributions to the meet area from the bus parking. Last year some kids just loaded their contributions in the trailer and expected that someone else would get them to the actual meet and coaches ended up carrying lots of extra (very HEAVY) stuff. We can’t have that issue this year! This is part of why I added dollies/2-wheelers to the list. It will make a huge difference in hauling heavy things-but individuals still need to do their part to make sure everything they bring gets hauled over!
    We had a GREAT meet at St. Francis on Friday. Results will be posted on the website by tonight. Congrats to so many of you who had lifetime best times! It was a perfect day to run.The course was a bit short, but not a ton, thankfully! 
    Finally, I heard that some athletes chose to do a speed workout on Thursday (despite my direction to do an easy run if possible) when the meet was canceled before we knew if it was rescheduled. These athletes did not discuss this idea with me, although I had specifically said to do an easy run if anything, since I figured it was likely the meet would get rescheduled to Friday. This type of behavior is not ok. Athletes-you need to stick with the training plan you have been given. We did a hill/speed workout on Tuesday and had a meet Friday. Adding another speed workout on Thursday (3 in 4 days) is simply asking to be injured, not to mention it's a form of insubordination. Parents-please remind athletes that their coaches are in charge of training during the season. This is our job-and we are looking out for their best interest. 
    This week's workouts:
    Monday: Easy Run
    Tuesday: Medium Workout
    Wednesday: Track workout
    Thursday: Long Run
    Friday: Pre-meet
    I am excitedly looking forward to Milaca, and obsessively checking the weather already. Be prepared for a long day and a fun meet! 
    Thanks for reading and see you on the course!

    Week 5:

    Good Afternoon Cross Country Family,

    This week we have a meet at St. Francis on Thursday. 
    Monday-Easy/Long run
    Tuesday-Hard Workout
    Wednesday-Easy Run
    Thursday-Meet at St. Francis
    Friday-Recovery Run
    Meet results from Cambridge-Isanti are posted on the website. Info for the St. Francis meet on Thursday will be posted shortly as well on the meet information page. The meet starts at 3:30 with a middle school race (but ours won't be in it) and the first high school race is at 3:50. Snacks are provided by Stella Olson's family (Thanks!) and there is a carbo load planned at Kelsey Huver's house on Wednesday. Info on that will be given at practice! 
    Congratulations to our middle school boys for winning their race on Friday! We also had medals and ribbons won by our JV and Varsity athletes. It was a fun night but a challenging meet for our team. Please keep in mind that we are training through these meets and some athletes may not feel great at any given meet. Something for all runners (especially new runners) to keep in mind is that you might not improve your time every week. Some meets go well, some do not, and that's ok and completely normal!
    This past week, we had several athletes miss the meet for various reasons. Please remember that all absences need to be covered by an explanation from a parent/guardian with a note or email.
    Also at our meet, many athletes wanted to leave early and/or ride home with their parents. Please remember that district, school and team policy is that all athletes stay for the duration of the meet and ride home with the team. Exceptions are RARE and MUST be planned by the day before the meet at the latest. I made more exceptions than normal on Friday, because it was the first meet. I will not be doing so in the future (or next season first meet, for that matter). The consequence for leaving a meet without planning ahead is having that marked as an unexcused absence which means the athlete would sit out the next meet. Bottom line is just ride the bus! 
    Next week, on Saturday, September 21st, we have the Milaca Mega Meet. We usually have a meal plan coordinated by parents for this day, because it is an all day meet. This way, athletes can have lunch and snacks available without everyone having to pack all of the different items. The parent who was going to coordinate this for us ended up not having their child on the team this year. I have the spreadsheet copied from last year, and I'm hoping someone (or a couple of someones!) can take this task on for the next 2 weeks. It would simply be looking over the quantities of last year's items and the notes at the top. Once some changes have been made, I can send out the signup as soon as possible. This kind of snuck up on me, so hopefully we can get it going in the next couple of days! If you're willing, please let me know and I will send you the spreadsheet. It would be great to have this off of the coaches' plates, because we have 7 races to be out supporting throughout the meet. The coordinator(s) would also help plan parents to be around at the tables throughout the meet to make sandwiches for kids etc. Last year we had lots of kids who did not eat enough. I'll be making an eating schedule for each group (races go from 10am to 2:30 pm) to make sure we have everyone eating.
    The weather looks iffy ALL WEEK right now :(. Remember that we do run in rain (just not lightning), so athletes should come planning to get wet if there is rain in the forecast. However, if it storms, we sometimes end practice early. We have indoor things we can do as well, but that really depends on the timing of any forecasted storms. Right now it looks more like rain than storms for this week.
    It was fun to see so many of you out at the meet on Friday! Looking forward to another low pressure meet this week and then ahead to some of our more important meets. 
    Thanks for reading, and see you on the course!


    Week 4:

    Good morning Cross Country family!

    I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend and got some rest and recreation in. I did both-lots of relaxation and I also ran a 5k yesterday. It was my first race in a few years and it was great to get back out there.
    This week we have 3 practices and a meet Friday. Friday's meet snacks will be provided by Blakes-thanks! If your athlete has specific dietary restrictions, it is best for them to bring something that works for them.
    Apparel ordering was extended and will close TOMORROW, the 4th. I realize it says the 8th on the top of the website, but it will in fact close on the 4th. Shipping should be faster than it says-but that is part of why we're closing it tomorrow. Please get your orders in! Here is the link again:  http://www.eastbayteamshop.com/Flyer/ad05fbb8-6437-4ac7-88cc-51d486e236f5 
    Remember that the fan/parent items are the LONG SLEEVED BLUE and SHORT SLEEVED BLACK t-shirts (both genders). I suppose hats would be a great fan item too-feel free to order a hat. Everything else is for the team only. 
    Practice for high schoolers still begins at 3pm even while we wait for middle schoolers to arrive. We will do our core and abs before the run. Middle schoolers arrive around 3:20 and can do those when we return from running or at home after. This is how we make it work to allow MS kids to run on our team.
    This week's workouts:
    Today-hard workout
    Wednesday-long run
    Thursday-easy run
    Friday- Meet at Isanti Middle School 4 pm start
    Each week, meet info can be found on my website: https://www.ahschools.us/Page/42958. There is a document with all of the info for Friday's meet on that page. Cambridge-Isanti doesn't set a time schedule, but there is an order of races. Athletes will know today at practice which race they are running on Friday.
    I would encourage you to familiarize yourself with the website-it has lots of information! Some meets have websites, and those are linked now. Others, I add as the season progresses. Please continue to check the website for necessary information.
    One last reminder-please encourage your athlete to carry water every day at school. It's essential to be properly hydrated for running!

    Week 3:
    Hello Cross country Families!
    This past week was a great one, and I hope everyone who went to camp had a great time. I sure did! We had great weather, fun times, and a fantastic morning run. Photos are on our Facebook page.
    Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we will be practicing at 3pm and will be done around 5pm. This has been scheduled all summer and is listed on the google calendar as well as announced regularly at practice. 
    Athletes-please remember that you should be scheduling your work around your commitment to the Cross Country TEAM. This is an expectation that all high school teams have of their athletes. Our schedule is very light compared to most sports. Sometimes, because we are thought of as an individual sport, athletes are not as diligent about this as they would be if they played on one of the big team sports. Please remember that we expect the same level of commitment as athletes on any other team. Thanks.
    The state fair is also not a reason to miss practice. There are several ways to spend the day at the fair without skipping practice. Thursday and friday we are done early, and we do not practice Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Thanks for respecting this. 
    When absences are unavoidable, parents/guardians should always send a note or email explaining the absence. I currently have several unexcused absences from last week. Please remember that any unexcused absence means an athlete will sit out at the meet. Parents of athletes who have missed one or more practices so far: please send emails or notes explaining all absences. Emails directly from athletes are helpful for knowing when they will be gone, but only a message from a parent/guardian counts for excusing an absence.
    This week, we have our first official meet! The meet is at Anoka HS on Thursday, starting at 8:30am with boys. Girls will run at 9:10am. Our buses will DEPART from BHS at 7:15am on Thursday. We should be back between 10:15 and 10:30am at BHS. This meet was originally scheduled for afternoon, but was moved to morning this past week. It is great for the runners to race in the cool morning weather, but I do know many parents will be at work. If you are available, we would love to see you out at the meet!! Athletes should come in their uniforms with sweats over them. Snacks will not be provided for this event since kids will be coming from home and the meet is so short. Check your packet for a checklist of what to bring on meet day! Oh, and bring extra socks-wet grass in the morning :)
    Results from the Time Trial: 
    Thanks to the parents who came to cheer and help out-we appreciate your support!!
    I am still waiting on the Eastbay Rep to get back to me about adding names to the apparel. I will let you all know asap when I see that it is actually working. Athletes who are not receiving messages on the REMIND app: please see me tomorrow to get added to the app. Every athlete should be signed up. 
    Summary of our week:
    Monday 3pm-Hard Workout
    Tuesday 3pm Long Run
    Wednesday 3pm Easy run
    Thursday 7:15am bus to Anoka Meet
    Friday 8am Recovery Run/Longish Run

    Week 2:
    Good afternoon! 
    What a gorgeous day. I'm writing this from my deck on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, listening to the breeze and the birds. Love this weather!
    First-all incoming freshmen (and Bengal Pride leaders) are excused tomorrow (Monday) to attend Bengal Pride freshmen orientation. There is also an activities fair at orientation where our captains will be recruiting new runners. Let your friends know it is not too late to join!
    This week, athletes will get their first race under their belts. Our Time Trial (no opponents-just our team!) will be Friday morning. Girls will race first. They will warm up at 8. We will meet out by the track for this morning. Unless we are thwarted by construction, the race will start and end on the track and will take place mostly around the practice football and soccer fields. The race distance is 3k (just under 2 miles). Some runners who are just getting started will just run 1 mile for their first race. We will discuss this with them in practice this week so that they know what to expect and are comfortable with the plan. Boys will warm up while the girls race and the boys will probably race around 8:40. We should be done around 9:15 or 9:30! 
    Uniforms will be distributed Wednesday and should be worn for the time trial. Many athletes wear spandex or compression shorts under their uniforms-new athletes can ask any returning athlete about this! Also, anyone who has spikes should bring them to use for the time trial as well as extra socks due to the wet grass.  Parents are welcome to come cheer on the athletes! I would love to have a couple of volunteers that morning to help out on the course. The grass will be wet, so be prepared for that :) Please let me know if you're able to help with some course direction. Thanks!
    Our apparel store will be live soon! There are a lot of items to choose from for our athletes. All apparel purchases are optional. There will be TEAM and PARENT items. Athletes are the only ones who should purchase items from the TEAM section, while parents and any other supporters are welcome to buy from the PARENT section. The reason it is separated is so that we look like a unified team when we are out at meets. Thanks for respecting this! 
    Those who have signed up for Team Camp will depart at 11:45am on Friday. This gives the athletes time to go home after the time trial and have time to shower and get something to eat. They can eat at home or bring a bag lunch on the bus. We will return by about 5 on Saturday.  All meals are provided, but athletes often bring snacks of their own choosing. They should have a complete packing list from the slip they cut off of the registration sheet! Kids should be prepared for a ton of fun and team building, and a little running too :) I would still love to have 1-2 male chaperones for camp. If you are available, please let me know! You will need to complete the online BHS volunteer application and background check form.
    Finally, we are working on a fundraiser this year. We don't fundraise every year, but we do need to some years in order to keep our team running (haha, see what I did there??). What I'm working on involves Texas Roadhouse and a bake sale......which all sounds delicious to me right now! More info forthcoming once I have confirmation of dates from TR :)
    I will most likely be sending another (shorter) email out soon, when our apparel store is live. 

    Week 1:
    Cross Country Family,
    Welcome to the 2019 Cross Country season! I am so excited to get started this week and see where the season takes us. Each week, I try to send a pretty thorough email out with information for the coming week and some big picture information for the season. This one might be a little longer than normal, but I want to make sure everyone has the info they need to start the season!
    First, for those who missed the pre-season meeting on Thursday, here are the links to the docs I had available:
    Carbo Load Host Sign Up (Feel free to add your name if you plan to host)
    Meet Snacks Sign up (Feel free to add your name to provide snacks)
    Athletes who missed the meeting will receive an info packet this week. It contains the schedule, rules and expectations, lettering standards and our all-time lists. They will also receive a sign up form for the team overnight camp on Aug 23-24. This overnight is optional, as there is an additional cost ($75). I am looking for male chaperones for this overnight as well.
    Practice begins Monday morning at 8am. We will begin with getting locks and lockers assigned. To do this, we meet in the hallway downstairs by our locker rooms. Everyone should come dressed and ready to run. Most practices in the first 2 weeks will end sometime around 10am. Sometimes we might finish earlier, but athletes should assume we will go the full 2 hours throughout the season. These first 2 weeks are 8-10, and then we move to a mostly after school schedule. All details for the schedule are here.
    Athletes must be officially registered in order to participate. I know some of you have had trouble with getting your physical on record in the activities office. You need to have that submitted before completing the online registration process. The office will be open for registration before practice on Monday, but if you still need to submit your physical, you will most likely miss Day 1. The only way to avoid that at this point is to do paper registration on Monday morning. A parent will need to be there to fill out and sign forms. They are usually open around 7am on that day, but we have a substitute activities secretary right now, so I'm not sure if that's the case or not. The office is also able to set up payment plans if you need to spread the payment out over time.
    Apparel ordering will start soon, and will be set up online. The captains came up with some great options. There will also be items available for parents to purchase to represent their Cross Country pride. All purchased apparel is optional. Athletes will receive a uniform to wear for the season, which will be returned after the season ends. I will send the link out as soon as it's finalized!

    One thing I forgot to mention at the meeting Thursday is equipment. There is not a lot of required equipment for cross country, but decent running shoes are very important. There is a great running specialty store in Blaine called Right Fit Running. It is located between Wild Bill's and The Tavern at Hwy 65 and 109th. One of our captains, Tyler, works there. They are great for personalized service and advice. They also give discounts to team members, so be sure to tell them that you are joining the team. Athletes should also have comfortable clothes for running in (I love Old Navy for cheap shorts and tops!) and bring water. For meets, spikes are very helpful. We run all races on soft surfaces, and spikes help a ton with traction. There are spikes specifically made for distance running or Cross Country, so make sure that you do not buy sprint spikes. I have some gently used donated spikes that will be available to try on and take next week, which is especially helpful for those of you who have kids who are still growing :) A digital watch is helpful for workouts. The simplest $10 watch at wal-mart does the trick and there is a huge range all the way up to GPS watches that can cost hundreds if you decide to go that way.
    Hopefully that is all for now! I can't wait to get to know this team and meet some new families. We are so excited to have you all!