The NCACDA Honors Choir is an audition only choir that is available for students every other year. Students from a seven state region in the Midwest audition for membership into the performing ensemble. Mrs. Olson requires that students have previous experience in the Minnesota State Honors Choir program in order to audition for the NCACDA Honors Choir.




    Please follow this link to get updated schedules and the link to fill out the medical form if you have not done so.


    Music has arrived! I will be handing out music. Here is the list and my input on what you are singing based on the information that I have been given.


    Al Shlosh D'Varim .  Part 1 Soprano; Part 2 =Alto 

    Bright Morning Stars . Soprano, Alto as written

    A Festive Alleluia  Soprano, Alto as written

    Ticket to the Kingdom . Soprano, Alto as written

    Beati in domo Domini  Soprano,  Alto .  (I do not have any clarification yet on who is singing the Soprano 2 Part) 

    Amazing Grace .  Part I-Soprano, Part III Alto . (I do not have any clarification yet on who is singing the Part 2) 

    Cindy  Guys only song


    Rehearsal Tracks

    Please follow this link to find the rehearsal tracks for each song.