• Honors Intermediate Algebra

    Unit 1 Linear Inequalities and Systems of Linear Inequalities

    Unit 2 Functions

    Unit 3 Exponential Functions

    Unit 4 Situations that can be Modeled with Quadratic Functions

    Unit 5 Solving Quadratic Equations (with real and imaginary solutions)

    Unit 6 Polynomial Functions

    Unit 7 Root Functions and Radical Equations

    Unit 8 Absolute Value Functions


    High School Credit

    A student who satisfactorialy completes Intermediate Algebra will receive high school credit for this course.

    All 3 trimester grades will be reported on a student's high school transcript and will therefore be a part of the student's high school GPA.



    • 0% Homework Accuracy Checks
    • 90% Unit Assessments
    • 10% District CSA - Free Response and Multiple Choice


    Grading Scale   A: 90-100%   B: 80-89%   C: 70-79%   D: 60-69%   F: 0-59%


    2nd Chance/Retake Opportunities

    If a student would like to improve a unit assessment score, the student can complete 2nd Chance learning. The student will need to follow the process listed below.


    1. Make sure all unit homework has been completed.
    2. Complete the 2nd chance assignment. Show your work.
    3. Turn in the completed problems to Mrs. Clark for correcting.
    4. Keep making corrections until your work is 100% within the given time frame.
    5. Schedule a time with Mrs. Clark to retake the test.
    6. Study more and retake the test. The retake score will be the grade that goes in the grade book.


    Everyone has the opportunity to retake a unit assessment. I strongly recommend that anyone with less than 80% retake any unit assessment, as this course is for high school credit.


    Retakes will not be allowed on the District CSA's.