• MS Algebra


    Course Outcomes

    Students will have an in-depth knowledge of linear algebra concepts.


    Homework Policy

    Homework will be given out on a regular basis. Homework is not graded as a part of the student’s overall grade.  It is expected that students complete the homework on a regular basis in order to achieve mastery at past topics.  


    Online Access to Textbook

    Students have a workbook to use, but the book is available online. It can be accessed through the lock and key feature using their ahschools account.


    How can my student get help?

    Help is available every day before school in the cafeteria from 7:30-7:55, in the classroom from 7:55-8:25, and after school by appointment. Activity busses are available at those times, but a parent can pick up a student at any time.



    Students will be given about a week’s notice before any assessment.  Formative assessments will be given on a regular basis to assess student progress. Summative assessments will occur after each unit, and will assess material from current and previous units. Students will be reassessed on previous learning targets numerous times throughout the year. Therefore, retakes are not necessary.



    90% of the student’s grade will be based on his/her individual assessments. 10% of the their grade is the Common Summative Assessment.  Students will be encouraged to continue to improve their grades through the use of mandatory reassessments.  These reassessments will be built into their current assessments.  The most recent assessment will determine the grade. Homework will be assigned on a regular basis.  Although homework is not graded, students will still be held accountable for completing it, because we feel very strongly that completing the homework is necessary for students to achieve their highest potential.  



    If a student is absent from the class it is important for him/her to come and see me before school (not during class time) about things they may have missed such as assignments, notes, etc. Homework assignments will also be posted on homework calendar website as well as posted in the classroom.