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    What do you dream about achieving in your lifetime?

    In this essay, you will pitch your dream to a panel of investors for “seed money” to invest in your idea. Explain what your dream is, why it is important to you and how much money it will cost. Also explain a 10-year investment plan to grow your investors’ seed money over time to pay for your dream. Include a variety of stocks, bonds and/or mutual funds, explain why you selected each position, and describe why these are promising investments.

    For full details, visit the contest webpage.


    300-800 words (in the body paragraphs) 

    Due Date: Wednesday, December 11

    Scoring Criteria


    Students participating in this optional project will need to meet several deadlines (within our Google classroom) in order to submit their project to InvestWrite.


    Deadline 1: October 25 - Share your dream idea with bullet points or paragraphs highlighting why it's important, how much it will cost, why others will want to invest in it, etc.


    Deadline 2: November 6th - List stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and bonds you'll have in your seed money investment portfolio. You also need to share what fraction or percent of the portfolio will be dedicated to each investment. Explain why you chose each product/investment. Will you plan to hold these stocks for the 10-year growth period or will you be open to replacing underperforming investments and/or adding new investment opportunities that come along?


    Deadline 3: November 10 (or earlier)- Pair up with a classmate and evaluate each other's essay/business plan using the scoring criteria from InvestWrite. 


    Deadline 4: November 20- Submit your plan to Mr. Wippler via Google Docs. This should also include a list of sources that you used to research investments and in planning to achieve your business dream.


    Deadline 5: Decemeber 9 - Resubmit your plan after using Mr. Wippler's feedback to revise and edit.