• Insurance 2020-2021 Benefit Options
    Anoka-Hennepin's insurance year is September 1 through August 31. Changes made during Open Enrollment are effective September 1, 2020.
    Highlights, changes and rates for the 2020-2021 insurance year can be found in the 2020-2021 Benefit Options brochure.  Please note: On the back page of the Benefit Options Brochure, the district’s premium contribution for Teachers has increased to $700 for single and $1250 for family. Preschool Instr SR/KR should read $685 per single and $1210 per family. 
    Medica plans offered are:  Elect 80/20 Deductible, Choice 80/20 Deductible, Choice 90/10 Deductible, Elect CoPay and VantagePlus CoPay. 
    For actively employed policyholders, all deductible plans include a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA). The HRA funds are deposited over 20 pay periods and HRA funds never expire. MidAMerica is our third party HRA administrator. You can easily set up an online account to manage your HRA. Contact MidAmerica with any questions or for assistance with your HRA at 855-329-0095.
    How do I choose a plan?
    Our plans utilize three networks - Medica Choice, Medica Elect and Medica VantagePlus. The plans cover the same set of health care services and pharmacy benefits, so you will want to pay attention to differences in the provider networks, monthly costs, bi-weekly deduction amounts and the out-of-pocket amounts that you pay up front, such as copays, deductibles and coinsurance. See health plan comparisons.
    Choice is an open access network that will allow you to go to almost any provider in the state. We have two plans available that use the Choice network: Choice 90/10 Deductible Plan and Choice 80/20 Deductible Plan. If open access is important to you, you may want to choose one of these plans.
    Elect is our most popular network. Employees who choose the Elect plans must choose a primary care clinic and get referrals for any care outside of their care system. The Elect CoPay Plan and the Elect 80/20 Deductible Plan, allow families to utilize our HRA benefit and save significant money on premiums while still accessing the Elect network.
    The VantagePlus CoPay Plan utilizes an ACO (Affordable Care Organization) network. Employees may find the VantagePlus Plan attractive with Fairview, Healtheast and North Memorial networks
    Elect 80/20 Deductible Plan with HRA
    The Elect 80/20 Deductible Plan offers employees the lowest premium cost option, with the Elect network of Medica providers. Members must designate and access care through a primary care clinic. Elect 80/20 also offers Fit Choices, a $20 membership fitness credit. For actively employed policy holders on the Elect 80/20, the District will fund an HRA. The HRA contributions are $750 single and $1500 family. 
    Choice 80/20 Deductible Plan with HRA 
    The Choice 80/20 Deductible Plan offers employees a lower premium cost option, including the open-access network (Choice network) to all Medica providers. Choice 80/20 also offers Fit Choices, a $20 membership fitness credit. For actively employed policy holders on the Choice 80/20, the District will fund an HRA. The HRA contributions are $750 single and $1500 family. 
    Choice 90/10 Deductible Plan with HRA 
    The Choice 90/10 Deductible Plan is a $500 single and $1,000 family deductible plan with a 10% coinsurance for non-preventive services and includes a district funded HRA. This plan has the open-access network for all Medica providers and may be more appealing for members with the lower out-of-pocket expenses. The HRA contributions are $250 single and $500 family for active employees. The HRA funds are deposited over 20 pay periods. This plan also includes Fit Choices, a $20 membership fitness credit. 
    VantagePlus CoPay Plan
    The VantagePlus CoPay Plan provides access to the physicians from Fairview, HealthEast, North Memorial and many independent clinics as part of an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) network. You do not need to designate a primary care clinic or get a referral for specialists, but you must seek all care within the ACO to receive in-network benefits. Plan features include: a personal welcome call for new members, a single phone number for questions about your coverage or your care, same-day appointments, a 24/7 nurse line, unique wellness programs and online tools.
    Elect CoPay Plan
    The Elect CoPay Plan utilizes the Elect network of Medica providers. Members must designate and access care through a primary care clinic. Elect CoPay Plan also offers Fit Choices, a $20 membership fitness credit.
    Deductible Plan vs CoPay Plan
    What is the difference?  The major difference is how you access medical care within each plan. The Choice plans are open-access plans where you can access care with any Medica provider or specialist without a referral. Elect plans are referral based plans. You must designate and access medical care through a primary care clinic and access specialists under the referral process or requirements of the care system. The VantagePlus ACO is a broad network of providers that you can access without referrals. It is one of the largest ACO networks in Minnesota.
    How do I change my Elect primary care clinic? You can change your Elect primary care clinic once per month by calling the Anoka-Hennepin Insurance Department at 763-506-1080. (Do not call Medica to change your primary care clinic.)
    For more information on all of our plans, scroll to the bottom of the page to watch the video.
    Pharmacy benefits
    Express Scripts is Medica's pharmacy benefit manager.
    Your plan includes coverage of prescription drugs and options for filling your prescriptions. Medica tiers their drugs according to cost and effectiveness to keep you share of the costs at their lowest. Visit Medica for the best price and location to purchase your presciptions locally. There also is a mail order option for home delivery. For information on the Express Scripts pharmacy benefits, visit your mymedica.com site.
    My Health Rewards by Medica
    My Health Rewards, is a health and wellness program that helps you take small steps to reach your health goals. Track your habits anywhere with the convenient mobile app. You’ll earn points for completing activities and get rewarded on your own personal path to health. You can redeem your points for up to $100 in rewards!

    Health Care and Dependent Care (Daycare) Flexible Spending Accounts
    Employees must make flexible spending account elections each plan year. Annual health care flex accounts can roll up to $500 to the next plan year. The health care flex election limit is $2,700 per person and the dependent care flex election limit is $5,000 PER FAMILY. Holiday weeks are allowed to be submitted for reimbursement for the dependent care flex accounts.
    How do I change my beneficiary on my life insurance? 
    You can update your beneficiary information as a part of open enrollment. Follow the instructions on smartben once you log on.

    Smartben Electronic Enrollment System
    Smartben is our secure on-line enrollment tool. Smartben enrollment instructions are user-friendly to help you update your benefits electronically 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

    Log on to SmartBen and enter your:
    • Username = Social security number, no dashes
    • Password = Eight-digit birthdate, no dashes or slashes 
    Print a confirmation page for your records.
    Medica Physicians and Facilities

    Medica Travel Program Network
    When you travel outside the Medica service area, you can get network coverage by visiting a provider in the Travel Program Network. This nationwide network is one of the largest in the country. If you have children attending college outside the service area, they can use this network, too.
    Need Help?
    If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the insurance department at 763-506-1080.