• Greetings SCMBDA Honor Band students!

    My name is Mr. Steve Lyons and I will be your guest conductor for this year's festival. I am excited to meet you for a great day of music making. Before our festival, I will be communicating via both our google classroom and this web page with some important updates and information.  Both the google classroom page and this page will have the SAME information, so if your district does not allow you to join the google classroom page, you will not be missing anything.

    First of all - I composed a piece of music specifically for SCMBDA and we will be performing it on our concert!   I wrote the piece for my Grandfather, Herman Metz.  Most of my big life lessons were passed from my Grandfather to me while we were fishing.  We loved to fish!  On a lake, river, or in the Atlantic ocean, we did it all.  

    To honor the special relationship Grandparents have with us, I would like us to dedicate this song to ALL our Grandparents.  If you have pictures of your Grandparents (especially if you are fishing!), I would encourage you to email them to me by April 16 at the following email: steve.lyons@ahschools.us

    We will take those pictures and create a google slides presentation which will feature YOUR grandparents on a projection screen while we play the music.  I have enclosed a recording you can practice with.

    I hope you are having a great school year and I look forward to working with you!  


    Below are links to listen and practie with all our songs:

    Tales From The Old Fisherman


    Blue Sky Rock

    Flouish For Winds and Percussion