• If your child suffers from winter nosebleeds, try using a cold air humidifier in the child's room. Saline nose drops may help keep nasal tissues moist.
    Cold weather does not cause colds or flu. The viruses that cause colds and flu tend to be more common in the winter when children are in school and are in closer contact with each other. Frequent hand washing and teaching your child to sneeze or cough into the bend of their elbow may help reduce the spread of colds and germs.
    Set reasonable time limits on outdoor play to prevent frostbite. Have children come inside periodically to warm up.

    Winter is a time when household fires occur. Buy alarms for every floor of your home if you do not have them and test your smoke alarms monthly.  Use caution when using supplemental heaters, ovens, space heaters and fireplaces in your home. Most importantly, practice fire drills with your children.