• Student illness

    If children attend the program with any of the following symptoms, the parent/guardian will be contacted immediately to pick-up the child:
    • Temperature registering above 100 degrees (auxiliary). Temperature must be normal (98.6°F) for 24 hours before returning.
    • Fever, vomiting, diarrhea, any undiagnosed rash, discharge from eye, ears or profuse nasal discharge, severe cold symptoms.
    Exposure to communicable diseases (whooping cough, severe sore throat, measles, pink eye, ringworm, fifth's disease, mumps, chicken pox, diphtheria, scarlet fever, strep throat) should be reported to staff. If your child is contagious, he/she may not attend Adventures Plus until 24 hours after medication begins.

    Child pick-up due to illness

    If a parent is unable to pick-up the sick child within one hour of being contacted, they are expected to contact an authorized person to pick-up the child. In cases where the parent/guardian is unable to be reached, the person listed on the emergency form will be contacted. When isolation of a child due to communicable illness is necessary, the child will rest in a space away from other children until a parent/guardian arrives for pick-up.

    Children attending Adventures Plus programs should be healthy enough to engage in all activities. Adventures Plus staff are not trained to make a medical diagnosis but only to observe and inform the parent/guardian of any signs of illness. If staff observe signs of illness, the parent/guardian will be contacted and will need to pick-up their child.


    Adventures Plus staff can administer only prescription medications that are in the original prescription bottle with the child's name. Pills must be cut and counted at home. An authorized form (available at each site) must be completed and signed in order for the Adventures Plus staff to administer the medication. Please send a correct measurement utensil for liquid medication.

    Over the counter medication will only be administered with a doctor's notice showing dosage and timeline. The first dose of a new prescription should be administered at home. Children may not transport or store medication in or with their belongings, unless it is an approved inhaler.