Welcome to Lincoln's Media Center 
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    Amy Quinn  
    Amy Quinn
    Library Media Specialist
    Lincoln Elementary
    School for the Arts
    540 South St. Anoka
  • Teaching Schedule:
      Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3
     Day 4
     Day 5
    9:25 Library Admin Prep Prep  ITT 3K Media
    9:55 Library Admin Prep 3C Media  ITT 3D Media 
    10:25 ITT Library Admin  Prep  ITT  KJ Media
    10:55 ITT Library Admin KP Media   KG Media KO Media 
    11:25 ITT 1P Media 1SHR Media  Prep  1P Core
    11:55  Prep 1M Media 1SIK Media  Prep 1M Core 
    12:25  Lunch  Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
    12:50 5GAS Media   5GAM 5GAS Library Admin Prep 
    1:20 5GAM Media  Explorations  Explorations  Library Admin Prep 
    1:50  Prep  2R Media  Library Admin Library Admin 2R Core 
    2:20 2C Media  2M Media  Library Admin  Library Admin  2C Core 
    2:50 4H  2L Media  4W Media 4G  4W 
    3:20 Explorations 4G Media 4H Media Explorations Explorations