• Work for the Week of: September 3-6 

    No School
    First day of school fun
    Second Day of school excitement
    Third Day of school yet more fun
    Fourth Day of school excitement once again...
  • Questions parents can ask about reading:

            1) What happened in your book today?
          2) Was there a problem in your story?  If so was it solved?  How was the problem solved?
          3) Tell me about the main character in the story.
          4) What was the author trying to tell you in the story today?
          5) Predict what is going to happen next in the story.
          6) What is the setting (where and when the story takes place).
    **Parents, you can pick and choose from this list. No need to ask all questions each night.  Your help is greatly appreciated.**
  • Parents: Remember to sign planners each night.