• Mrs. Wierman and Mrs. Iverson's math classes have just started our fractions unit.  Please read below to become familiar with the grade level standards for this unit and anytime activities you can do to help your child's understanding.  
    Unit 8: Fractions: In this unit, students will explore fractional and spatial relationships. Students will explore relationships using a number line and region models. By understanding these relationships, students will successfully find equivalent fractions and name quantities that are greater than one using mixed numbers. Spiraling concepts include probability.
    What families can do at home to help:
    • Guide children as they use fractions to name a of b equal parts (there is 1 red shoe out of 5 shoes total, what fraction is red? 1/5)
    • Help your child find fraction in the everyday world-while cooking with measuring tools, in recipes and in newspaper advertisements.
      Unit Information for Families: Academic Standards, what students should know and be able to do, and vocabulary.
    Check out these great games your child can play to practice.