• Geography

    Mrs. Iverson and Mrs. WIerman's class are currently in the geography unit.  Please read below to learn more about what your child is learning about in school, as well as some activities and resources for families. 
    Unit: Geography: Students will study the following elements of geography: landforms, waterways, and maps. The focus of this unit is developing map skills, understanding how geography determines where people live and work, and learning about continents. Students will understand that maps give information about geography and will be able to locate and interpret information on maps.
    What families can do at home to help:
    • Using a Minnesota map, help your child locate familiar and important places such as; cities, counties, state capital, lakes, parks, and rivers.
    • While traveling, use directional words (cardinal directions-N, S, E, W and intermediate directions- NW, SW, NE, SE).
    • Look for natural features (river, hill, lake) and human-made features (buildings and bridges) found in our world.
    Unit Information for Families-Academic Standards, what students should know and be able to do, and vocabulary. 

    Social Studies Websites: