• Questions:

    1.) How much homework will my child have each night?

    2.) What if my child has a late assignment?

    3.) What if my child has trouble with their homework, or is not understanding something?

    4.)What is an Assignment Notebook?

    5.)Can my child have a snack in class?

    6.) Do you need parent volunteers?

    7.) Will Scholastic Book Orders be available?

    8.) How will my child be graded?

    9.) What if my child is absent?



    1.) Homework can vary from night to night. The golden rule is ten minutes per grade level, so in our case 30 minutes. Students are expected to read 15-20 minutes, and study spelling each night. Homework is presented in class to allow for any questions. Language arts homework will be sent home on Day 1 and returned on Day 5. Math homework will be sent home on Friday, and due the following Thursday. 

    2.) Late work happens. We do keep track of all late or missing work. Students will need to complete work at any "free from instruction" times, including Recess or snack. It is important to turn in homework on time to allow us to monitor progress.

    3.) Our job is to help in this situation. If your son or daughter is struggling please inform us with a phone call, email or written note on the assignment. We would be more than happy to sit down with your child and tackle any problems.

    4.) Assignment notebooks are where we write in our homework daily. We will check assignment notebooks each day before your child leaves looking for it to be completely filled out and for any homework to be present. Assignment notebooks are signed weekly by you, and checked each Monday for a signature.

    5.) Yes, students may have a healthy snack during our designated snack time. Candy, chips or other "junk" food is not allowed, and will be confiscated :) Water is the only beverage allowed.

    6.) YES! We are always looking for parent volunteers. Ways to volunteer include attending field trips, or coming into the classroom for different odd jobs such as copying, crafts and more. Another great way to help is through donations. We are always in need of Kleenex, pencils, folders etc.

    7.) Book orders are sent home monthly, usually more than one. It is a great way to encourage reading in your home, and provide opportunities for us to increase our classroom library.

    8.) We will both formally and informally assess your child. Some grades will be based on percentages from both their daily work and unit assessments. Attendance and daily work is very important! Please keep in mind our Academic Measures grading scale: 4 = EXCEEDS Standard, 3 = MEETS District Benchmark, 2 = APPROACHING District Benchmark, 1 = BELOW District Benchmark, and our Learning Habits scale: + = Consistently, +/- = Sometimes, - = Rarely

    10.) Homework will be sent home by request only. If your son or daughter is absent please notify us before noon and We would be happy to gather their things for them.