• What are Essential Learning Skills?

    Essential Learning Skills are what we want our students to be able to know and do at given points during the school year.  According to education experts Rick and Becky DuFour, Essential Learning Skills are "...the critical skills, knowledge and dispositions each student must acquire as a result of each course, grade level, and unit of instruction.” 

    In third grade, we have worked hard to be sure these Essential Learning Skills are aligned to Minnesota State Standards, ensuring that your child is supported in the skills they need to prepare for fourth grade and beyond.

    The key questions that help us identify these skills and drive our instruction are: 

    1. What do we expect our students to learn?

    2. How will we know if they’ve learned it?

    3. How will we respond if students haven’t learned it?

    4. How will we respond if students have learned it and need more enrichment?

    Based on both formal and informal assessments, we are able to make sure students are receiving instruction based on what they need.  This small group instruction takes place during WIN Time.  Please click here to view this year's math essential skills.    

    What is WIN Time?

    You may have heard your child talk about the cool activities or teachers they worked with during WIN time.  WIN stands for "What I Need".  During WIN time students are working independently, receiving intervention on essential skills, or participating in enrichment groups.  These groups are formed biweekly by a team of teachers based on common assessments.  WIN Time takes place for 25 minutes during your child's Math block as well as their ELA block.  Your child's progress on essential skills will be communicated regularly.  
    All staff members at Adams are part of a Professional Learning Community (PLC).  It is the student centered collaboration that takes place within our PLC groups and weekly meetings that drives our instruction so students can meet standards and be successful.  Please click here to learn more about the PLC process we so strongly believe in here at Adams.