Engaging Students with Interactive Whiteboards

Spotlight Goals

  • Discuss “interactivity”, “engagement”, and the benefits of using an IWB
  • Identify classroom activities that can be enriched through the use of an IWB, leading to increased student engagement
  • Provide additional resources for professional development and extended learning
  • Demonstrate how to use the technical tools available in IWB software
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1Build Your Understanding

I Have an Interactive Whiteboard, Now What? Workshop (21 min)

2Put This Concept Into Practice - Classroom Projects

Building Acrostic Poems (16 min)
Hide & Reveal (33 min)
Interactive Multiplication (33 min)
Saturn Flip (26 min)
What’s the Moral? (58 min)
What’s Your Mood? (25 min)

3Reflect & Apply

Professional Development Workbook
Adapting 21st Century Skills Projects to the Classroom Workshop

?Reference Tools

ActivStudio® Courses
ActivPrimary® Courses
ActivInspire® Courses
Easiteach® Courses
Epson® TeamBoard Draw Courses
Mimio® Courses
SMART Board Notebook Courses

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