• Welcome to Mr. Schultz's page. I grew up in Minnesota and love math. I am married to my wife Stephanie and we have a daughter named Kathryn.


    Other interests include playing music and MN sports. Thanks for visiting.


    Looking for extra help? Here are some options,

    1) Morning Math help is available on Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 7:35 - 8:15am

    2) Check out our google classroom

    3) Use this Link to go to the AH extra math help page and find your class and section you need help with for more videos and practice problems. (also Youtube is a great resource)

            3a) If in 8th Grade Middle School Algebra, use this LINK

            3b) If in 7th grade Intermediate Pre-Algebra, use this LINK

    4) Send me an email if you are still stuck and we can setup a time to meet.

  • Collin Schultz

    7th and 8th Grade Math

    Northdale Middle School


  •  Northdale Middle School

    Viking Huddle: 8th Grade

    1st Hour: 8th Grade MS Algebra

    2nd: 8th Grade MS Algebra

    3rd Hour: 8th Grade MS Algebra

    4th Hour: 7th Grade Pre-Algebra

    5th Hour: Prep

    6th Hour: 7th Grade Pre-Algebra

    7th Hour: Grade Level Meetings