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    I am thrilled to be back at Eisenhower Elementary, working with this outstanding and compassionate team of educators, and getting to teach all of these terrific students! Last year was not only my first year at Eisenhower, but it was also my first winter in Minnesota! Before coming to Eisenhower I worked for several years in the school districts of Colorado. There I held a full time teaching position for 4th grade, and spent several years substitute teaching a myriad of grades and subjects k-12 while finishing my master's in education (UNCO). I hadn't always known I was going to teach, and in fact my undergraduate degree was in exercise science, and before that I had served for 4 years in the United States Navy. After graduation I got an opportunity to shadow my sister, who also teaches 5th grade, and I loved getting to work with the students. I got to see them develop their understanding of concepts, and I got to share my passion for learning. It was above and beyond any other work experience I had done prior, and at that point I decided to quit my job managing an Abercrombie (dont make fun!) and go to grad school to obtain my license.

    To me teaching is more than getting correct answers on a test. I want kids to enjoy the learning process, to fall in love with reading, and get a feeling of accomplishment when they get their math questions correct!  During the school year we will spend a lot of time together, working on problems, talking about current events, laughing, studying, and ultimately getting to know each other. In my classroom we are a team. I want all students to succeed and to live a happy, healthy life. I also believe that parents are an integral part of that team. I hope that we all can work together to achieve our goal. 

    If you ever need anything please feel free to reach out to me. Emails tend to work best due to teaching time, and contrary to what students may think, teachers don't live at school. 

    Thank you for supporting your student's education! I am excited to work with your child and watch their growth. Together we can help your child achieve success!



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    Jarrod Ashley
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