• Husky

    W.I.N. Time

    (What I Need)

    39 Minutes on Tuesdays


    Individualized Support

    Academic Growth


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  • On Tuesday, February 26th, Andover students will begin an updated WIN Time experience.  WIN Time, or What I Need Time, allows most students to choose an activity that best meets their needs that day.  It is a 39-minute block of time on Tuesdays between first and second hour to help students connect with teachers, provide work time, and boost academic performance.  Students can get help from teachers, study in the IMC, work with others in our collaborative workspaces, or receive additional support. It also gives them time during the school day to get extra help while minimizing the stress of rides, work, extra-curricular activities, and other conflicts that occur before and after school.  

    During WIN Time, students may be assigned, or “pinged” by one of their teachers to come in for relearning opportunities and personalized instruction.  These “pinged” sessions are required and these notification pings will be emailed to students and parents. Emails will come from Andhs.WinTime@ahschools.us - please watch for notifications.  Students who are not assigned by a teacher have the option to connect with a current teacher for academic support, work independently, participate in a study session, or attend a college and career seminar.

    Please use this as a conversation starter about your student’s progress and the merits of academic success.  Remember, students can choose to go to a teacher for help during WIN time even if that teacher did not assign them to come.


  • WIN Time Schedule on Tuesdays

    Period 1 - 7:40-8:37

    WIN Time - 8:50-9:29

    Period 2 - 9:36-10:33

    Period 3 - 10:40-11:37

    Period 4 - 11:44-1:16

    Period 5 - 1:23-2:20