• Welcome to English Language Arts!

    I am so fortunate to teach both 7th and 8th grade in my first year in the District at Anoka Middle School for the Arts.

    I believe AMSA is the BEST place to be a middle school student -- with so many opportunities to discover yourself as a scholar and unique individual.

    In addition to teaching ELA, I have experience teaching AVID, journalism/yearbook and managing the media center. I am especially interested in helping students feel better and work better in areas where they may feel less confident. In our class, everyone will bring their best self and feel proud of our accomplishments every day.

    Beyond the classroom, I am a newlywed (2 years) and new resident of Columbia Heights. My husband and I met when we both worked at Metro Transit -- he in Facilities Maintenance and me in Community Outreach and Engagement. We are both thrilled that I transitioned to teaching in 2017.

    A proud Golden Gopher, I graduated from the University of Minnesota and was raised in the Minneapolis Public Schools of southwest Minneapolis. I am the Auntie to amazing nieces and nephews (ages 12-34); the step-mom to Angela and a grandma to Rose (age 1). I am a knitter -- but knitting has taken a back seat to jogging while I train for the Twin Cities 10 Mile and future casual races and runs.
    Thank you for supporting your student's education. I am excited to work in partnership with you. Together we can help your student experience success every day!

  • Contact info

    This is a photo of me from a visit to the Guthrie Theatre in downtown Minneapolis.

    Mrs. Jill Schafer

    Room 216
    8th Grade/English Language Arts
    Room 216, Period 1
    7th Grade/English Language Arts
    Room 307, Block 3/4 and Room 302, Block 5/6
    Study Hall
    Room 302, Period 7 (Day 2)

    763-506-5134 (voicemail)
    763-506-5000 (main office) 

    The Anoka Middle School for the Arts Way:

    BELONGING: Everyone has a right to be here, a right to be themselves and a right to learn.

    RESPECT: YOURSELF - Engage, you’ll enjoy school more and never regret it. YOUR CLASSMATES - Work with others, make them feel welcome, speak positively. TEACHERS & STAFF - Follow directions, use Chromebooks appropriately.

    KINDNESS: Speak positively, think of others feelings, encourage classmates.

    RESPONSIBILITY: Be prepared, be on time and ask questions.