Hello Students and Parents!
    My name is Brandon Huberty.  Although this is my first year in the Anoka-Henneping school district, it is my 7th year teaching full time.  Even though I went to the University of Minnesota, Morris to become an ELA teacher, I spent my first year of teaching as a K-8 technology teacher.  After that year, I moved into the role of ELA teacher and have been teaching the subject for six years.  When I'm not teaching, I love working with computers, playing video games, reading, biking, and running.  My wife of 7 years and I just celebrated the birth of our first child last March, and we've never been more tired :).
    The most rewarding thing about my job is working with students and helping them succeed.  It is always so much easier to do this with the support of parents, so please feel free to contact me if you feel you can help me make your child more successful.

    Brandon Huberty
    ELA 8
    School Name
    11301 Dogwood St. NW
    Coon Rapids, MN 55448

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