• AMSA Trimester 2 Hybrid Conferences

    *HYBRID CONFERENCES = You will choose to attend in-person, virtually (Google Meet), or a mix of both


    In-Person Conferences

    Virtual Conferences




    WHEN:  Thursday, January 11th, and Tuesday, January 16th from 3:30 - 7:00 pm. 

    Conferences will be 7 minutes long (with 3 minutes of “transition time” between conferences).


    WHERE: Both AMSA campuses - Washington (grade 6) and Fred Moore (grades 7 and 8) or Google Meets (Virtual)


    *Both in-person and virtual conferences require signing up for a chosen time(s)- EACH teacher is a SEPARATE conference - you will sign up more than once if you would like to meet with multiple teachers   


    Signup Instructions (Video Tutorial/Walkthrough): https://youtu.be/fsZCztMegvE


    *Remember- you can use the ParentVue app (or our school website) to find your student's class schedule and teacher information. Please click here for instructions. If you cannot login, please reach out to our district's help line at 763.506.4357


    To REGISTER for ALL Conferences:

    1. Go to www.myconferencetime.com/amsa

    2. CLICK on the
    NAME of your child’s teacher (pay special attention to the campus where the teacher will be located):

    3. Find a DATE and TIME that you would like for your conference and choose “Sign Up”:

    4. CHOOSE “IN-PERSON or “VIRTUAL Conference Type:

    5. REPEAT the directions above for EACH teacher that you would like to meet with

    *If you choose
    VIRTUAL conferences, you will receive an EMAIL CONFIRMATION that contains the Google Meet LINK to use for the virtual conference. If there are other parents/guardians that you want to attend this conference please share this information with those people.


    Family Conference Day Instructions


    On the CONFERENCE DAY(s), please use the directions below:



    In-Person Conferences

    • Please go to the teacher's location at the beginning of your time slot

    • Greeters will be available at each campus to assist in directing you to rooms    



    Virtual Conferences (Google Meets)
    At your schedule time:

    1. Find the
    GOOGLE MEET LINK in the email confirmation that was sent from My Conference Time


    2. CLICK on the LINK to join the Meet at your scheduled time  (ALLOW camera and microphone if prompted)  


    3. You will see a prompt asking your NAME (if not logged in) -  Fill out this information


    4. CLICK “Ask to join” at the scheduled conference time.


    5. Your screen will show “Asking to join….” until the teacher approves the parent/guardian into the conference at their scheduled conference time. 



    If you have any questions or concerns, please call AMSA's Technology Coordinator Andy Berg at 763.506.5087