Community Participation

    The tools you need to thrive in the community. This course covers voting registration, driver's education, public transportation, and volunteering. Students work on individual IEP goals and objectives.


    Home Living

    Day to day basics for living on your own. Finding and obtaining housing, car purchasing and maintenance, banking, establishing credit, health, repairs, insurance and more! 


    Jobs and Job Training

    Get a job and keep a job! Interview skills and career planning are covered. Vocational assessments for interest, ability and skills are available.


    Post Secondary Education

    College or Technical College? Engage in a discussion of the requirements of both then tour the schools to learn more.


    Recreation / Leisure

    Maintain good health through fitness. Enjoy activities that don't break the bank. Volunteer in your community. It is your free time and your choice.


    General Transition Skills

    Assistance in managing obstacles that each individual faces in the transition from school to adult life.