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    Advisor: Paul Heida


    Description: The focus of the yearbook lab is the production of the school yearbook. This is for students in grades 10, 11, & 12. Individually guided instruction enables students to develop competency in page layout and design, copywriting, photography and editing.







    SENIOR PORTRAITS (**NEW FOR '19-'20**):

    June 2019



    Parents and students of the 2020 senior class:


    The Anoka High School yearbook staff is already making plans for next year.  The following NEW information regarding submission of senior portraits is very important, so please read it carefully!  Photographs that do not meet yearbook specifications will not be published.


    The deadline for submitting senior pictures is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2019.  Portraits received after this date may not be published in the yearbook. Photos will need to be uploaded to the website images.jostens.com.  We will no longer take hard copy photos or photos submitted via email.


    Plan ahead; pictures should be taken by early September to give your photographer time to prepare your photo for the yearbook.  Students may choose their own photographer to shoot their senior portrait for the yearbook. We recommend David Banks though.


    Please inform your photographer of the following criteria:


    • Upload only ONE digital portrait photo. This photo will be used for the yearbook so

            it needs to be a high resolution image for printing purposes.

    • Photo quality needs to be 300 DPI or higher for actual image size.
    • JPEG format is required. (Photos are placed at approx. 1 1/2” x 1 3/4” in the yearbook if this

            helps for aspect ratio (width and height), but you can submit any size portrait as long as it is a

           “high resolution” JPEG portrait.

            NO TIFF or PNG files allowed! This is very important!


    • Portraits should be vertical waist-up or closer shots; we will not accept horizontal or full

                                          body photos. No props, no hats, no pets and no hands near face.

                                          See photo at left for example of senior portrait.


                                         Simple, neutral backgrounds look best in the yearbook!


    Process for uploading senior photo:

    1. Go to the website images.jostens.com or see senior portrait upload link on school’s website: https://images.jostens.com/
    2. If you are prompted for a USER ID, it is: 413373672
    3. Choose the photo to be uploaded.  REMEMBER, each student may only submit ONE photo!
    4. Provide parent or photographer contact information. (Person uploading the photo should enter his/her information.)
    5. Provide IMAGE information.

    *Type the student’s full name as you would like it to appear in the yearbook.

    *It is extremely important to spell the student’s name correctly.

    1. Select grade 12 from the dropdown menu.
    2. In the description field, type Senior Portrait.
    3. Click the box to agree to the terms and conditions.
    4. Click on “upload chosen images” in blue box to complete the process.
    1. You will see a confirmation page and should receive a confirmation email shortly after your submission.


    If you do not submit a senior portrait by Nov. 1st, it will NOT be included in the 2019-2020 yearbook and your Lifetouch ID photo will be used instead, if available.  All yearbook photos must meet these mandatory specifications to be included in the yearbook.  There will be no exceptions to these rules.  Your cooperation and understanding is greatly appreciated!