• Hi, my name is Mr. Peterson.  This is my 23rd year at Madison Elementary School! I taught fourth grade for 15 years and worked as a patrol supervisor for 12 years.  I currently enjoy teaching first grade and I believe first graders are the best!  I am married to my wonderful wife, Theresa!  We enjoy walking, biking, and rollerblading.  We enjoy fishing, photography, and spending time outdoors.  I look forward to getting to know a new group of students and having an excellent school year!
    Day 1- Art 1:50-2:50
    Day 2- Explorations 1:20-1:50
               Music 2:20-2:50
    Day 3- P.E. 2:20-2:50
    Day 4- Media 10:20-10:50
               Explorations 2:20-2:50
    Day 5- Music 9:20-9:50
               Core 1:50-2:20
               P.E. 2:20-2:50
    Day 3 & Day 5- Remember to bring
     your gym shoes for P.E.
    LUNCH-  11:17- 11:42
    RECESS-  12:45- 1:15
  • Homework:
    Reading with your kids is the fastest way to accelerate their learning. 
    Talking about the books that your kids read to you will help their comprehension.
    Practice counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s.
    Study your sight words!
    Work hard, try your best, and have a positive attitude!
    Tim Peterson
    1st Grade
    Madison Elementary
    650 Territorial Road NE