• Welcome to Andover Music 2019-2020!  

    This year there are 3 members of the music department. Please take a moment to find your child's homeroom listed adjacent to the music faculty with whom they study:

    Gail Johnson                                      (Gail.Johnson@ahschools.us) 


    1st grade

    2nd grade

    3rd grade

    4th grade

    5th grade

    KMN-Megan Nadeau

    KJS-Joel Sakry

    KLS-Laura Smith

    KDW-Diane Weniger

    1HC-Heather Cotter

    1TM-Theresa Myos

    1MG-Michelle Gindele

    1RS-Rebecca Skrypek

    1SJ-Susan Johnson
    2AK-Alison Koshiol

    2KB-Kathleen Barker

    2AN-Alysia Nahring

    2SV-Staci Vold
    3DR-Dana Ritchie

    3JM-Jamie Marvin

    3MC-Mark Cotter

    3KD-Katie Dehnicke

    4DH-Dareth Herman

    Mandi Britz

    4RB-Bob Barnette

    4JL-Janie Lang

    4HH-Holli Hillman

    5HL-Holly Luitjens

    5KK-Kelly Kendrick

    5JM-Jon Mares


    Gail D. Johnson
    Music Specialist
    Andover Elementary
    14950 Hansen Blvd. NW