• Welcome to our 4JL Website!
    I have spent my whole teaching career at Andover, teaching both 3rd and 4th grade. I received my undergrad education at Bethel University and also have a masters degree in Educational Technology.
    I will teach the inquiry (math, science, health) portion of the curriculum. We will have fun learning through group and partner work, games, songs, challenges, hands-on experiments, skits, and so much more. My goal is for every student to love math by the end of the year! 
    Thank you for supporting your child's education! Together we can make this year a great one.  
  • Digital Day Schedule:
       Day 1:  Art
       Day 2:  PE and Media
       Day 3:  Core and Music
       Day 4:  PE and Music
       Day 5:  Explorations
    Janie Lang
    4th Grade Inquiry
    Andover Elementary