• Welcome to my website!
    Hello and welcome! Thank you for supporting your child's education. I am thrilled to be the Media Specialist this year at Madison.  Fostering the love of reading in children is a passion of mine.  My goal this year is for each student to find something they love to read, and to choose a variety of books to explore.  
  • Mrs. Pearson's Schedule
    DD1: 5B, 1K
    DD2: 4H, 2C
    DD3: No Media
    DD4: 1P, 3I, 3D, KN, KD, 1A
    DD5: 4W, 4S, 2R, 2A, 5L, 5H, 3Q, KK 
  • Sally Pearson
    Media Specialist
    Madison Elementary
    650 Territorial Rd. NE, Blaine, MN 55434