Hello!  My name is Nichole Dillner; I am the Math Specialist at Crooked Lake Elementary.  This is my sixth year at Crooked Lake and I am excited to be back!  Crooked Lake is an incredible community to be a part of, with teachers, staff, and families who truly care about eachother and our students.  In my current position I get to work with students in kindergarten through fifth grade.  It is so fun to watch each student's mathematical understanding progress from year to year.  I am also fortunate to support classroom teachers.
    If I can be of any help to you as you support your child in the area of mathematics, please feel free to contact me at nichole.dillner@ahschools.us

                                                                      Number Sense

    Partitioning Numbers: Counting by tens and ones
    Place Value Models: Counting by hundreds, tens, and ones
    Whack a Mole: Set the "Steps of" to 10, then practicing counting by tens
    Octopus: Practice 10 more than
    Count on Catapult: How far to the next decade?
    Save the Whale: How many to make 10?
    Number Bonds to 10: Find pairs that make 10. 
    Break Apart: Adding through the decade. Choose Addition or Subtraction "10"
    Math Limbo: Make the sum using one or two numbers
    Balancing Act: Make both sides balance
    Square Bricks: Make the number
    How Much, How Many?: Comparing numbers and finding sums



    Measurement Game: Practice measuring in centimeters and inches

    Read a Thermometer: Reading a thermometer practice

    Area and Perimeter: Measure and identify the area and perimeter of objects.




    Nichole Dillner
    Math Specialist
    Crooked Lake Elementary
    2939 Bunker Lake Blvd NW, Andover, MN 55304